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hello. I’m Mu-chan, who is decluttering his house and spending his van life every day in a camper van.

By the way, whether you are already in a camper van or want to buy a camper van, what is it?Equipment of the longed-for camperI think there is.

However, the equipment of a camper is often expensive, so even if you have the equipment you admire, it is very difficult to decide whether to actually install it or not, depending on your budget.

So, this time, I picked up 5 equipments that I thought “I wish I had” before I bought a camper.Do you actually send a van life and have those equipments again? Don’t you need it?I will introduce how I felt.

If you are uncertain about the equipment to be installed in your camper, please refer to it.

Equipment that I thought “I wish I had” before I bought it

Everyone praised it all together! FF heater

The reason why I wanted an FF heater isThe inside of the car becomes very warm and comfortableBecause it was popular.

Seniors riding camper vans all said, “You can’t do it without an FF heater in winter! “FF heater is essential!”I was thinking, “If you can put up with the cold and catch a cold, you can take the plunge and buy it.”

The FF heater has outlets not only for dinettes, but also for bunk beds, rear beds, and even multi-rooms, so it’s warm no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Even if I go to bed, my eyes will go to the FF heater.

I also experienced the power of FF heaters at camper shows and fairs in the winter, so I was inclined to buy it.

However, due to the budget, I bought a car body without FF heater. However, even so, I was able to live a van life from autumn to early winter.

For safety measures!Tire pressure sensor

Of course, the reason I wanted a tire pressure sensor was as a safety measure.

In a camper-related accidentThe most frequent occurrence is the “tire burst accident” that leads to enormous damage.Because I heard that.

A camper consisting of a living space full of trucks and daily necessities is, so to speak, a heavyweight player.Tires are more loaded than regular carsSo you have to be more careful about burst accidents.

for that reason,Always keep track of tire condition and perform regular maintenanceThat is indispensable.

Therefore, the air temperature inside the tire can be measured, and it is possible to detect an accident as soon as possible.Pneumatic sensors are also essential as a life-saving itemI felt it.

However, due to budget constraints, we decided not to install it.

Secure electricity with the help of the sun!solar panel

The reason why I wanted a solar panel is because I always spend my time outdoors in a van life.To get as much electricity as you need to live every dayis.

However, the solar panel is an item whose opinions differ depending on the owner of the camper.

“It’s always parked outdoors, but for weekend car tripsCan supply enough electricitySome say, “It’s not always sunny,I can’t supplement the electricity to live every daySome people say.

Furthermore, “If there is a solar panel, the ceiling partCleaning is difficultBut if it rains even with hailIt gets hurt and becomes useless.Because the car body also becomes heavyTires are also burdened“What a story.

After listening to various opinions, I got lost and eventually chose a car body without a solar panel. If the car body that remained as a final candidate had a solar panel, I might have purchased it …

If you look at this rear, you can tell that it is a camper!ladder

A ladder is a ladder in the rear part of a camper.

The reason I wanted this ladder is simple:If there is a ladder, “because the feeling of a camper will increase” at onceIt was that. Rather, I thought that it was installed as standard equipment in every camper.

If you have a ladderIt seems easy to clean the ceilingBut at nightMaybe you can climb the ceiling and lie down to observe the starry skyI was expecting it, but it is used in the luggage compartment of a camper in the first place.FRP material should not ride too much in terms of strengthIt is said thatThe longer the total length, the higher the boarding fee when boarding the ferry.I gave up installing it because I knew that there was a disadvantage.

Enough power!Lithium Ion Battery

The reason I wanted a lithium-ion battery isIt is lighter and more durable than ordinary lead batteries, and voltage drops are less likely to occur.For. It was also attractive to be able to use home appliances even if the amount of electricity remaining was considerably reduced.

I was attracted to the fact that it has high performance and can reduce the weight of a perennial heavyweight camper as much as possible.Very expensiveBecause it may be out of reach, I decided not to install a lithium-ion battery.

After all, the equipment that was additionally installed at a later date

There are various reasons for not installing the equipment that I thought “I wish I had”, but the common thing isI couldn’t afford itthing. There is nothing I can do about this.

I wanted to get rid of my salary and try a van life around Japan without any income, so I couldn’t buy a car body equipped with all the equipment I longed for.

However, although it was once postponed,I felt the need while actually sending a van life, and the equipment additionally installedThere is also. That’s here.

FF heater

I bought a car body without FF heater because of the budget, but after spending the first autumn-early winter of Van Life, the coldness became severe after all.Additional installation before midwinterDid.

It is common for FF heaters to have outlets for bunk beds, rear beds, and multi-rooms, but as a result of consultation at my home, “It is good if the dinette is warm. Bank beds, rear beds, and multi-rooms do not have to be warm. To the conclusion.

Since the introduction of the FF heater,The room is always a comfortable spaceis. Before installing it, I was stressed by the “cold-proof mokomoko” that was hard to move indoors, but after installing the FF heater, I can easily spend time indoors with a single shirt even at -10 ° C outside. ..

In addition, sightseeing in the cold has become more fulfilling, with the feeling that “it will be warmer if you return to your home (camper), so let’s enjoy it a little more”.

* If you have the same idea as your home and it is difficult to find a builder (camper manufacturer) who will do the mounting work, please consult with the builder below. Even campers from other companies can provide various consultations, such as installing additional equipment and remodeling.

Phone number: 04-2001-0501
Official site:

Tire pressure sensor

A tire pressure sensor has also been added since the beginning of Van Life. I saw the news of the camper rollover accident in quick succession.

The pneumatic sensorFavorite things that comply with the domestic radio lawdoing. Actually, in front of the air pressure sensor I’m currently using, I tried using a product manufactured overseas, but I couldn’t use it because it didn’t receive radio waves.

Since it may lead to injury or danger of life, I decided to re-prepare the one that complies with the Radio Law without being stingy. By the way, I feel that the prices of illegal radio products and domestic radio compliant products tend to differ by two to three times.

Before the introduction, I was worried when I was sleeping, “Isn’t the tire tampered with?” “Isn’t it punctured without my knowledge and the air escapes?” I was checking.

I can’t get rid of the habit of going around the tires before departure, but after introducing the tire pressure sensor, I don’t have to worry about sleeping at night because of the peace of mind that the tire pressure sensor will notify me of any abnormalities.

Equipment that I felt was not necessary

Some equipment is additionally installed, but as a resultEquipment that feels “I’m glad I didn’t install it”There is also. This is the case at my home.

solar panel

I have actually lived a van life for 430 days, but I have never felt inconvenienced by the lack of solar panels.

However, I think this is also due to the fact that there are generators and sub-batteries.


In my 430-day van life, I climbed the ceiling only twice. I think it was good not to force it to be installed in terms of frequency of use.

Lithium Ion Battery

As a result, you can live a good life with only the sub-battery currently installed. Because of its high performance, it is very expensive, so I’m glad I didn’t grow tall.


If you have been transferring to a camper van, you may have already established your own style, or you may be experimenting with different styles each time you transfer.

However, if you are considering purchasing a camper van, I don’t think you have a clear idea of ​​what kind of equipment the car body is suitable for you.

Before I bought a camper, I thought it would be nice to have one, but when I actually started van life, I found some equipment that I didn’t need in the end.

Please try to find a car body that suits you while consulting with your desired style and budget. May you also meet a wonderful camper.

Writer: Mutsumi Yamagata

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