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White, black, silver, from ceremonial occasions to formal occasions, it is convenient to ride anywhere, and body colors that do not stand out badly are popular in Japan, but although it is a calm body color according to them, it is surprisingly few. Is a brown body color.

The fewest cars are from the 1980s onwards, so it may be difficult to get in touch with modern designs such as the smooth surface of the flash surface, but old cars and retro-style cars have “tasteful colors.” It can be said.

This time, let’s introduce three carefully selected cars from such “cars that look good in brown”.

Honda Civic (1st generation, 1972)

Honda Civic 4 Door 1200GF (1st generation)

In the 1970s, when there were still many more colorful cars than the standard white and black, the first Civic had a stronger tendency as a compact car, but among them, the Civic’s body color has a profound feeling and a strong sense of luxury that is comparable to luxury sedans. The brown color is very impressive.

If it is yellow, green, red or orange, it looks like a light compact car for young people, but if it becomes a dark color such as brown, the original is a trapezoidal form with a sense of stability, and the body color alone is one rank higher, premium It’s strange because it looks like a compact car.

On the other hand, the reason why we don’t use light colors or bright colors other than white as much as high-class cars is probably because it does not impair luxury except for cases that aim for unexpectedness (pin crown etc.).

Latest “Civic” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

810 units

Average price 256Ten thousand yen
Base price 15 to 13.58 million yen

Nissan 4th generation Cedric / 5th generation Gloria (330 series, 1975)

Nissan Cedric 4-door sedan 2000SGL (4th generation 330 series)

While the rival Toyota Crown has a strong impression of white in the high-soccer boom era, black and dark blue like a public car, Nissan’s Cedric (Cedric / Gloria), also 230 series and 330 series have a brown impression. It is a strong, probably the best brown car in a domestic luxury sedan.

Black and white silver will become suitable for 430 series and later, which will be a smart design with flash surface, but from the latter half of 230 series to 330 series Sedguro is 2 doors / 4 doors, regardless of whether it is a sedan or a hardtop. The brown image remains strong in all grades.

In fact, although there were other body colors, I remember selling it in a new car when I was young, and I remember that most of the Sedguro running in the city was brown, much more than the conservative crown of the ruggedness. It seemed shiny and cool.

Latest “Cima (Gloria)” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

161 units

Average price 113Ten thousand yen
Base price 280-6 million yen

Latest “Cima (Cedric)” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

184 units

Average price 116Ten thousand yen
Base price 190-5.8 million yen

Suzuki Alto Lapin X Selection (2nd generation, 2012)

Suzuki Alto Lapin X Selection (2nd generation)

It is a brown body color that has disappeared sharply since the 1980s, but in the retro car boom that started with Subaru Vivio Bistro (1995), brown is used as a nostalgic body color for retro grades of light cars and compact cars. It will become indispensable.

Even in the 2000s, it will continue to be used in the Nissan Cube, March Bolero, Daihatsu Mira Gino, etc., but the most impressive one is the X selection of the second generation Alto Lapin.

The special specification car “X Selection” added in October 2012 to the second generation Lapin, which is more thorough as a mini passenger car for women, has an urban brown pearl on the interior and exterior such as a plated grill with the rabbit mark which is the icon of Lapin. The metallic body color looks great.

Lapin itself looks good in brown, but the second generation X selection is exceptional.

Latest “Alto Lapin” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

5390 units

Average price 68 68Ten thousand yen
Base price 0 to 1.75 million yen

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