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Camry plans to make some improvements

Current Camry

According to an interview with a Toyota dealer, it became clear that Toyota’s sedan “Camry” is about to be partially improved.

In this partial improvement, in addition to clearing the vehicle exterior noise phase 2 and exhaust gas regulations by complying with the regulations, there are some changes in equipment and functions and replacement of interior and exterior colors.

Changes made to equipment and functions

Interior of the current Camry

Although it will be a small part, the following changes will be made in the next partial improvement.

  • Change USB port from type A to type C
  • Strengthen the charging output just by placing it (reducing the charging time)
  • Abolished “S-FLOW” and “1 seat centralized mode” for air conditioners
  • Abolition of steering lock

As a side note, both S-FLOW and 1-seat centralized mode are air conditioner control systems.

S-FLOW gives priority to blowing air to the front seats, and the one-seat centralized mode is a function that blows air only to the driver’s seat. It contributes to improved fuel efficiency while maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the car.

Adopted new interior and exterior colors

There is no change in the interior and exterior design, but the body color and interior color are interchanged.

The exterior color of “Emotional Red” has changed from II to III.

Emotional Red III was first adopted by Nicorolla Sport in 2021
Left: Emotional Red II, Right: Emotional Red III

In terms of body color, “Emotional Red II (3U5)” has been changed to “Emotional Red III (3U9)”.

This change will change the two-tone colors available for grades “WS” and “WS” Leather Package “” as well.

Interior color changes from “beige” to “ocher”

Interior color “beige” to be abolished this time

As for the interior color, the interior color “Beige” of “G” Leather Package “” will be changed to “Ocher”.

Interior of LS500h EXECUTIVE (interior color: ocher)

Ocher is the interior color used by Lexus LS, etc., and is “ocher” in Japanese. The current beige has a color close to white, so it seems that the brown color will be stronger than that.

Announced in August, price will not change

Some improvements to the Camry will be announced on August 1. It was said that the vehicle price would remain unchanged from the current model.

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