GR Parts TRD for Toyota New Crown Crossover Announced on July 15, 2022 | Latest Car Information

Toyota will announce “GR Parts” on July 15, 2022 in line with the announcement of the new “Crown”, and will sell “GR Parts” at Toyota dealers nationwide.

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TRD new crown GR parts

The GR parts of the new Crown express “functional beauty that makes full use of the latest aerodynamic technology”, and a sports style with a high-quality feel that is suitable for the car name, which combines aerodynamics and design at a high level. The design linked to the base car not only creates a powerful styling with a low center of gravity, but also improves driving stability with the aerodynamic function. The new crown has a high-quality sports taste, such as the 21-inch aluminum wheels and tire set that creates a simple yet strong undercarriage, and the GR “Performance Damper ®” that achieves both improved ride quality and steering stability at a high level. A lineup that sublimates into.

Aero Parts

GR aero parts set (GR front spoiler + GR side skirt + GR rear bumper spoiler + GR rear trunk spoiler set)

GR 21 inch cast aluminum wheel & tire set / aluminum wheel set

By laying out two types of twin spokes with different shapes in a well-balanced manner, we adopted a design that efficiently supports input from the vehicle.

GR “Performance Damper ®”

It realizes handling performance that responds accurately to steering operation and a refreshing steering feel, and absorbs inputs such as slight vibrations from the road surface to create a flat ride.

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