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In 2022, many SUVs are lined up for domestic cars, and new models or full model changes are being actively carried out.What is particularly surprisingThe old “Crown” will also become an SUV with a full model change.If you are considering purchasing an SUV model or are considering switching to a different model, we would appreciate it if you could refer to it when deciding on a model by looking at the comparison.

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Domestic car SUV size

I compared about 41 domestic SUVs, but as of 2022, full model changes and new models tend to be larger in order to improve their appearance, and it seems that large models are always on sale.There are many narrow roads in Japan, and it is also a feature of the SUV model that there are many negative effects such as when the vehicle width is difficult or when the overall length is long and it is not possible to make small turns, it becomes inconvenient to drive.However, there are many excellent points such as the cool appearance, the view from above, and the fact that you can drive without worrying about the road with high and ups and downs.It is very important to choose a vehicle that suits the road environment around you, so you should carefully select the vehicle.

Manufacturer Model name full length Full width Overall height wheel
Toyota Rise 3,995mm 1,695mm 1,620mm 2,525mm
Toyota Yaris Cross 4,180mm 1,765mm 1,590mm 2,650mm
Toyota C-HR 4,385mm 1,795mm 1,550mm ~
Toyota Corolla cross 4,490mm 1,825mm 1,620mm 2,640mm
Toyota RAV4
RAV4 Adventure
4,600mm ~
1,855mm ~
1,685mm ~
Toyota Harrier 4,740mm 1,855mm 1,660mm 2,690mm
Toyota Crown 4,930mm 1,840mm 1,540mm 2,850mm
Toyota bZ4X 4,690mm 1,860mm 1,650mm 2,850mm
Toyota Land Cruiser 300 4,990mm 1,980mm 1,880mm 2,850mm
Toyota Land cruiser
4,760mm 1,885mm 1,835mm 2,790mm
Lexus LX600 5,100 mm 1,990mm 1,885mm 2,850mm
Lexus RX450h / RX300 4,890mm 1,895mm 1,710mm 2,790mm
Lexus RX450h L 5,000mm 1,895mm 1,725mm 2,790mm
Lexus RZ450e 4,805mm 1,895mm 1,635mm 2,850mm
Lexus NX300h / NX300 4,640mm 1,845mm 1,645mm 2,660mm
Lexus NX 4,660mm 1,865mm 1,640mm 2,690mm
Lexus UX200 / UX250h 4,495mm 1,840mm 1,520mm 2,640mm
Honda Vezel 4,330mm 1,770mm 1,605mm 2,610mm
Honda ZR-V 4,580mm 1,800mm 1,630mm 2,735mm
Honda CR-V 4,605mm 1,855mm 1,680mm 2,660mm
Mazda CX-3 4,275mm 1,765mm 1,550mm 2,570mm
Mazda CX-30 4,395mm 1,795mm 1,540mm 2,655mm
Mazda CX-5 4,545mm 1,840mm 1,690mm 2,700 mm
Mazda CX-60 4,740mm 1,890mm 1,685mm 2,870mm
Mazda CX-8 4,900mm 1,840mm 1,730mm 2,930mm
Nissan X-Trail 4,640mm 1,820mm 1,730mm 2,705mm
Nissan Kicks 4,295mm 1,760mm 1,590mm 2,620mm
Nissan Juke 4,135mm 1,765mm 1,565mm 2,530mm
Subaru Outback 4,815mm 1,840mm 1,605mm 2,745mm
Subaru Solterra 4,690mm 1,860mm 1,650mm 2,850mm
Subaru Forester 4,625mm 1,815mm 1,715mm 2,670mm
Subaru XV 4,465mm 1,800mm 1,595mm 2,670mm
Suzuki Crosby 3,760mm 1,670mm 1,705mm 2,435mm
Suzuki Escudo 4,175mm 1,775mm 1,610mm 2,500mm
Suzuki SX4 S-CROSS 4,300 mm 1,785mm 1,595mm 2,600mm
Suzuki Jimny Sierra 3,550mm 1,645mm 1,730mm 2,250mm
Suzuki Jimny 3,395mm 1,475mm 1,715mm 2,250mm
Suzuki Hustler 3,395mm 1,475mm 1,665mm 2,460mm
Suzuki Pajero 4,900mm 1,875mm 1,900mm 2,780mm
Mitsubishi Outlander 4,695mm 1,810mm 1,710mm 2,670mm
Mitsubishi RVR 4,365mm 1,770mm 1,630mm 2,670mm
Mitsubishi Eclipse cross 4,405mm 1,805mm 1,685mm 2,670mm

Domestic car SUV What kind of vehicle is 1,550mm or less?

Mechanical multi-storey car park If the height is low, it is only 1,550 mm or less. Most SUVs are strict because they are tall,In the case of “C-HR (2WD)”, “UX200 / UX250h”, “CX-3” and “CX-30”, the total height is 1,550mm. If it is a multi-storey car park in a downtown area, almost all SUVs can be stored if the total height is 2,000 mm or less, so there is no need to worry about anything.

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[2021 version]Which SUV will enter the mechanical tower-type multi-storey car park? I investigated it thoroughly!
There are many mechanical multi-storey car parks in central Japan, and the total height is 2,000 mm or less for multi-storey car parks in department stores and downtown areas, but 1,550 m for ordinary tower-type multi-storey car parks. …

Each company 5 number size crossover SUV Not surprisingly

The feature of the SUV model is that there are almost no 5 number size vehicles. There are few 5 number size cars, only 4 models: Toyota “Rise”, Daihatsu “Rocky”, Suzuki “Jimny Sierra” and “Crosby”.The main reason is the full widthIt is over to make it 1,700 mm or less due to design etc.As a result, there are many car models that are registered as “3 numbers”.HoweverCurrently, the tax system has changed, and the system is such that the tax is determined by the displacement.So maintenance costs are irrelevant.

It is no longer the time to assume that maintenance costs are high just because they are number three.To give an extreme example, these daysAs downsizing progresses, the new “C-HR” is registered with 3 numbers, but the engine is a “1.2L turbo”, so the tax is “more than 1,000cc and less than 1,500cc”.What happened. Therefore, it has become an era when maintenance costs cannot be said to be generally high.

but,Cars registered as “5 number” are suitable for the road environment in Japan to some extent, including the total width and overall length, and it is also true that there is still demand for them to be put in the narrow garages of Japan.

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Each company’s 5 number size crossover SUV is not surprising!
As of 2019, SUVs are being sold by each manufacturer. It develops and sells SUVs to manufacturers that have not been sold until now due to its worldwide popularity. I’m surprised …

About automobile acquisition tax after October 1, 2019

Tax rate table of automobile tax for private cars that have been newly registered for the first time

Displacement Tax rate before reduction Tax rate after reduction Reduction amount
1,000cc or less 29,500 yen 25,000 yen ▲ 4,500 yen
Over 1,000cc and under 1,500cc 34,500 yen 30,500 yen ▲ 4,000 yen
Over 1,500cc and under 2,000cc 39,500 yen 36,000 yen ▲ 3,500 yen
Over 2,000cc and under 2,500cc 45,000 yen 43,500 yen ▲ 1,500 yen
Over 2,500cc and under 3,000cc 51,000 yen 50,000 yen ▲ 1,000 yen
Over 3,000cc and under 3,500cc 58,000 yen 57,000 yen ▲ 1,000 yen
More than 3,500cc and less than 4,000cc 66,500 yen 65,500 yen ▲ 1,000 yen
Over 4,000cc and under 4,500cc 76,500 yen 75,500 yen ▲ 1,000 yen
Over 4,500cc and under 6,000cc 88,000 yen 87,000 yen ▲ 1,000 yen
Over 6,000cc 111,000 yen 110,000 yen ▲ 1,000 yen

Acquisition tax and automobile tax change due to consumption tax increase From October 1, 2019

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Acquisition tax and automobile tax change due to consumption tax increase From October 1, 2019
The consumption tax increase will be implemented from October 1, 2019. Since automobiles are very expensive, the consumption tax will change from 8% to 10%, which will change the amount considerably. For example, if the car body price is 3 million yen, it is 8% …

Why are cars so expensive in the last few years?

Often,One of the hottest topics with friends and acquaintances is “Isn’t the new car expensive these days?”To be comparedUntil about 10 years ago, cars of the same size and models of the same name started at 1.3 million yen and started at 1.6 million yen, and cars from 1.5 million yen started at 2 million yen.The car body price is high from 300,000 yen to 500,000 yenIs generally thought to be.. Where on earth is there a reason?

thisOne of the major changes in equipment in about 10 years is that safety equipment is standard equipment.Although each company calls it differently, the current tributary is equipped with a monocular camera + radar, etc., and the front bumper & rear bumper are equipped with sensors, which makes it possible to roughly avoid collisions. It is natural that it costs about 200,000 to 300,000 yen here. Furthermore, compared to those daysVarious equipment that has never existed in the past has been added to the car, such as display audio (navigation) and USB terminal as standard, even with indoor equipment alone.In addition, there are many equipment that is difficult for users to understand, such as equipment that complies with laws and regulations, and you may feel that the vehicle price is high, but you should be able to find out if you check it carefully.

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