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Suzuki’s “Jimny” will release the long wheelbase model “Jimny 5 Door” to be released in 2023.I tried to summarize what kind of evolution the “Jimny”, which has been about 4 years since its release, has evolved because there are many differences from the past.

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“Jimny 5 door” added to Suzuki’s new “Jimny”

Traditional ladder frameIs adopted.

In-line 4-cylinder 1.5L DOHC VVT dual jet engine (K158 type) + mild hybridEquipped with.

The spy-shot new “Jimny” long wheelbase is a 5-door model with front doors that look about the same size, but with longer rear quarter panels and side windows. The engine is the same in-line 4-cylinder 1.5L DOHC VVT dual jet engine (K158 type) as the current Jimny Sierra, maximum output 75kW (102ps) / 6,000rpm, maximum torque 130Nm (13.3kgm) / 4,000rpm, + motor (mild hybrid) It is equipped with a transmission 4AT / 5MT.

New Jimny Sierra Exterior

The exterior has a more angular body design that returns to the origin rather than the keep concept, and adopts the same round headlights as the new Hustler. A lineup of white or black two-tone body colors. It is an off-road type model, and like the old model, it adopts a ladder type frame (ladder frame) that emphasizes strength and durability, a 3-link recessed suspension, and a part-time 4WD with an auxiliary transmission (low range). It is equipped with a drive action 4×4 that allows you to switch from 2WD to 4WD (4H, 4WD high speed) comfortably with a switch while driving. A ladder frame is used for the skeleton, and an FR layout with the engine installed vertically is adopted. New Jimny Sierra JC Black Two-Tone Roof Also, it is said that the small version of Mercedes-Benz’s G class is often heard overseas and in Japan.

New Jimny Sierra Interior

The instrument panel has been redesigned in a modern style, with a focus on car navigation systems, and many changes have been made, including a fully automatic air conditioner, a cubic meter cluster, and a large multi-information display. Seat arrangement is also possible, and it is also possible to make it full flat, which was not possible with the old model.

4th generation Jimny

The luggage space can be loaded with two large-capacity 363L, 9.5-inch golf bags horizontally by extending the rear seats! Uses luggage accessory socket, luggage box & tool box, etc.

Newly developed ladder frame

Adopted a ladder frame structure that symbolizes full-scale 4WD. By adopting X members for the newly developed ladder frame and cross members in the front and rear, we succeeded in increasing the torsional rigidity by about 1.5 times compared to the old model. The body mount rubber has been enlarged to reduce the vibration transmitted from the frame to the vehicle body.

Part-time 4WD

Part-time 4WD with auxiliary transmission (low range) is adopted from the first generation to the new model. You can switch between 2WD and 4WD as you like according to the road surface conditions.

3-link rejected axle suspension

The “3-link rejected axle suspension” that directly connects the left and right wheels ensures excellent operability and large ground clearance on uneven road surfaces. The minimum ground clearance is 210mm, which makes it difficult for the bumper and underbody to come into contact with obstacles with respect to the “approach angle,” “ramp breakover angle,” and “deviation angle.”Door mirror with side under mirror,Heated door mirror,Headlamp washer (JC)..

safety equipment

Equipped with dual sensor brake support, it utilizes the strengths of monocular camera + laser radar to avoid danger with various functions such as automatic braking function. Lightweight shock absorbing body TECT is used for the body. A pretensioner mechanism, force limiter mechanism (seat belt), SRS airbag, 4-wheel ABS (anti-lock break system), latch start system (MT vehicles only), etc. will be adopted.

Equipped with dual sensor brake support (Jimny Sierra JC standard equipment)

New Swift Utilizing the strengths of the monocular camera + laser radar adopted in the new Wagon R, in addition to pedestrians, collision avoidance and mitigation are achieved by automatic braking. The new Jimny corresponds to Support Car S .

1. 1. Forward collision warning function The stereo camera detects vehicles and pedestrians in front while driving at approximately 5km / h to approximately 100km / h. A function that issues an alarm by a buzzer sound and a display in the meter when it is determined that there is a possibility of a collision.

2. Forward collision warning brake function A function that automatically activates a weak brake in addition to a warning when the possibility of a collision increases, prompting the driver to avoid a collision.

3. 3. Brake Assist Function to Reduce Front Collision Damage A function that activates the brake assist to increase the braking force when the driver steps on the brake strongly after judging that there is a high possibility of a collision.

Four. Automatic braking function A function that automatically activates a strong brake when it is determined that a collision is unavoidable, avoiding a collision or reducing collision damage.

False start suppression functionContributes to avoiding collisions due to pedal and shift operation mistakes Obstacles within about 4 m ahead are detected by the stereo camera. A function that automatically suppresses engine output to suppress sudden start and acceleration when the accelerator is depressed significantly despite obstacles while the vehicle is stopped or driving slowly at about 10 km / h or less.

Lane departure warning functionA buzzer sounds and an indicator light in the meter alerts you when you are about to leave the lane.
While driving from about 60km / h to about 100km / h, the stereo camera recognizes the left and right lane markings. A function that alerts the driver by a buzzer sound and an indicator light in the meter when it is determined that the vehicle deviates from the lane.

Stagger alarm functionWhen the vehicle meanders, a buzzer sounds and an indicator light in the meter alerts, and when the stereo camera determines that the vehicle is wobbling from the meandering pattern of the vehicle in the lane while driving at about 60 km / h to about 100 km / h, the buzzer sounds. A function that alerts the driver by the indicator light in the meter.

Preceding vehicle start notification functionA buzzer sounds and a display in the meter informs the start of the preceding vehicle.
A function that notifies the driver that the preceding vehicle has started with a buzzer sound and a display in the meter if the own vehicle continues to stop even if the preceding vehicle starts and is about 4 m or more away when the vehicle is stopped.

Brake support when reversing First adopted in mini vehiclesFour ultrasonic sensors built into the rear bumper activate automatic braking when an obstacle behind the vehicle is detected.

Camera package for omnidirectional monitor (safety package / manufacturer option for vehicles equipped with camera package for omnidirectional monitor)Cameras are installed at four locations on the front, back, left and right of the car. If you install a compatible navigation system (accessory installed by the sales company), you can use it as an “omnidirectional monitor” that displays a bird’s-eye view of the car as if you were looking at it from directly above. You can check places that are difficult to see from the driver’s seat on the screen, which contributes to parking in narrow places.

Thinking about the new Jimny 5 door

For Suzuki, the “Jimny” is the mainstay in the Japanese market and is a model with high sales power.The “Jimny”, which has evolved normally as Suzuki, has become a more attractive model by further adding the “Jimny 5-door” lineup. from before,It has been said to be the “G class” of the small Mercedes-Benz, but if it becomes a long wheelbase 5-door, that element will become stronger and further popularity can be expected. Even if you have been riding the “Jimny”, if you are considering purchasing it, the “Jimny 5 Door” will definitely be a recommended one.

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