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Honda’s new SUV “ZR-V” is now available

Honda HR-V (Japanese name: ZR-V)

Honda’s new SUV “ZR-V”, which was announced to be released in Japan on May 19, 2022, is currently accepting pre-orders in North America, where the design was released in advance.

In North America, this car that will appear as the new “HR-V” and its specifications have not been disclosed, but the actual car has been shot ahead of time in the field.

It’s finally coming! Civic Type R!

The new cement color is also textured ○


Overseas media has released a photo of the new HR-V (Japanese name: ZR-V).

The picture was taken of the local high-grade “EX-L”, and the body color is “Nordic Forest Pearl”, which is the first to be adopted in the new HR-V (Japanese name: ZR-V).

You can check the texture in the photos taken inside and outside.

When will it appear in Japan? Featured new ZR-V

Many things in common with the base Civic


The new HR-V (Japanese name: ZR-V) is an SUV based on the new Civic, and has the same powertrain and suspension.

In the photograph taken, you can see the interior, but you can also see that the area around the instrument panel is almost the same as the Civic.

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