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Is the full model change of Wagon R Azuke?

Current Wagon R

In July 2022, a promotional pamphlet that appeared to be a minor change version of Suzuki’s Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray was leaked.

In the pamphlet, you can see the design of the appearance different from the current one, and there is also a description about a new model called “Wagon R Custom Z” that is expected to be added next time.

Five years have passed since the debut of the current Wagon R. Since all the successive Wagon Rs were shifting to the next model every 5 years, it was expected that the model will be fully remodeled this year, but it seems that it will be a minor change.

New model “Custom Z” set

Expected CG of the new setting “Wagon R Custom Z” created based on the catalog

There are three types of current Wagon R series: the base model “Wagon R”, the “Wagon R Stingray” equipped with aero parts, and the “Wagon R Smile” with sliding doors.

In the next minor change, it seems that a new grade “Wagon R Custom Z” will be added in addition to the above two models.

As far as the leaked pamphlet is concerned, the appearance of the Custom Z looks like something between the base and Stingray. The feature is “just right” that it is not too simple and not too flashy. The rear design is close to Stingray.

“HYBRID ZT” and “HYBRID ZX” are prepared for Custom Z, and you can see that both are mild hybrid vehicles. In addition, it is expected that turbo-equipped vehicles will be available from the name ZT.

Predecessor Spacia Custom

Also, the wheel design of the Wagon R Custom Z looks the same as the genuine Spacia Custom wheels. Probably wearing the same thing.

Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray also redesigned

Not only the appearance of Custom Z but also the appearance of Wagon R will be changed. In Wagon R, the design of the grill and bumper has been changed, and it will evolve to a stable appearance with a horizontal tone.

As far as the pamphlet is concerned, there seems to be no change in the appearance of Stingray.

Added new body color

Three colors, “Dusk Blue Metallic,” “Foggy Blue Pearl Metallic,” and “Terracotta Pink Metallic,” have been added to the Wagon R, and two interior colors, black and beige, can be selected.

There will also be a “Denim Blue Metallic” that will probably be the exclusive color for Custom Z.

Adopted “Suzuki Connect”

Also, from the next minor change, Suzuki’s connected service “Suzuki Connect” will be set as a manufacturer option.

Suzuki Connect is a service introduced in Japan from the Spacia series that debuted in December last year.

From the operator service or smartphone app, you can use functions such as “Suzuki emergency call (help net)” and “Suzuki trouble support” just in case. In addition to operating the air conditioner, it also has a full range of functions such as notification when you forget to turn off the door lock or hazard lamp, notification of inspection, and notification of watching.

There is a high possibility that minor changes will be implemented soon

It seems that the pamphlets have already been distributed to dealers and retailers.

Due to the tendency of models whose pamphlets and catalogs were leaked before the launch, such as the new Alto that debuted in December last year and the Hustler in May this year, it is highly likely that the Wagon R will also undergo minor changes in about a month.

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