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What is a light car suitable for camping?

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If you choose a mini car to go camping, what points should you focus on to choose the one that suits your image?

Below, I will explain light vehicles suitable for camping, focusing on three points.

  • Large interior space
  • Has sufficient driving performance
  • Vehicle maintenance costs are low

Large space inside the car

There is a limit to the size of the body of a mini vehicle, and it must be within the range of 3,400 mm in length and 1,480 mm in width. Each manufacturer is working to secure the space inside the vehicle, such as by making the engine mounting position and the body shape with a margin above the head within the limited rules.

A long time ago, I had the impression that there were many sedan-type cars with low vehicle heights, but since the Thor Wagon-type vehicles became popular in the 1990s, light vehicles with high vehicle heights have become popular. In the 2000s, high-tall wagon-type mini vehicles, which are widely used in daily life and leisure, have emerged.

If the space inside the car is large, it will be difficult for adults to feel the oppressive feeling while driving, and it will be easier for adults to move. Moreover, if you use the seat arrangement, you can expand the luggage space, so it is also an advantage that you can secure comfort comparable to ordinary cars even though it is a mini car.

Has sufficient driving performance

In the past, mini vehicles had drawbacks such as “powerlessness” and “uncomfortable ride” even for vehicles equipped with a turbocharger. However, many of the current models have adopted CVT (continuously variable transmission), and each manufacturer has put effort into development, which has greatly improved driving performance.

If you’re thinking of using it in a camp, it’s a good idea to have a high-tall wagon, a tall wagon, and a turbocharger on 1BOX type vehicles. This is because supercharging with a turbocharger can be expected to run more smoothly than an NA (naturally aspirated) engine on uphill roads and highways.

Vehicle maintenance costs are low

Light vehicles already have advantages such as lower taxes than ordinary vehicles (eg automobile tax → light vehicle tax). In addition, if you check the fuel efficiency and durability reliability of each model, you will be less likely to regret it after purchase.

In recent years, in addition to Daihatsu and Suzuki, which are good at developing mini vehicles, Honda and Nissan / Mitsubishi are also focusing on the mini vehicle genre. The reason why light cars suitable for camping are becoming available now is probably because each manufacturer is focusing on improving performance.

Light car ranking recommended for family camps

5th place: Honda N-VAN

Honda N-VAN (2022)

Honda “N-VAN” ranked 5th in the recommended mini vehicle ranking for family camps.

The N-VAN is a light cargo van with 4 number registration, but it is a car with improved usability as a commercial type of Honda’s light car “N” series.

The floor has been lowered by the “center tank layout” technology, and the ease of loading luggage is comparable to that of rivals. The height of the space inside the car is also outstanding, so you can spend comfortably while traveling or staying in the car.

Another feature is that the center pillar on the passenger side is omitted and the door opening is widened. With the door open at the campsite, you can take in clean air and take a comfortable nap.

Latest “N-VAN” used car information

Today’s stock quantity


Average price 158Ten thousand yen
Base price 15.8 to 1.58 million yen

4th place: Daihatsu Atrai

Daihatsu Atrai (2021)

Daihatsu Atrai ranked 4th in the recommended mini car ranking for family camps.

Atrai will be remodeled to the current 6th generation in 2021. All grades have been registered as 4 number cargo since the 3rd generation, and the lineup is conscious of Honda N-VAN.

The square body unique to the 1BOX type and the engine layout placed under the driver’s seat shorten the bonnet, realizing a vast interior space. By tilting the rear seat forward horizontally with the luggage space, it is possible to stay in the car only at the rear of the vehicle.

In addition, when it comes to advanced grades, it is noteworthy that storage items will be enhanced, including luggage space. It has convenient functions that are useful even when camping, and will be a strength to choose Atrai.

Latest “Atrai Wagon” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

918 units

Average price 67 67Ten thousand yen
Base price 60 to 2.09 million yen

3rd place: Honda N-BOX

Honda N-BOX Custom (2022)

Honda “N-BOX” came in 3rd place in the mini car ranking recommended for family camps.

The N-BOX has a brilliant track record, such as being No. 1 in the number of automobiles sold in Japan, but its ease of use, which is also useful in camping, is attractive.

By lowering the floor, the indoor height is 1,400 mm, which is just the right size for children to change clothes in the car. The “center tank layout,” which is a technology that Honda has taken the lead in, ensures the space inside the vehicle that has been pushed to the limit within the framework of a mini vehicle.

The “one-action” method of simply tilting the backrest without removing the headrest creates a vast space behind the car body, which makes it possible to stay in the car.

Latest “N-BOX” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

7685 units

Average price 110 110Ten thousand yen
Base price 130,000 to 2.19 million yen

2nd place: Mitsubishi eK Cross Space

Mitsubishi eK Cross Space (2020)

The car that ranked second in the light car ranking recommended for family camps is the Mitsubishi “eK Cross Space.”

One of the models developed by the joint venture “NMKV” of Nissan and Mitsubishi. Similarly, the high-tall wagon “eK Space” is finished in an SUV tick to create an atmosphere that suits camping.

In addition to the spacious interior of the car, the convenient seat arrangement is attractive. The rear seats can be divided into 50:50 by operating the lever, and the rest can be loaded with camping luggage.

In addition, a “resin luggage board” and a rear seat back for the rear seats are available in the luggage space as an option. It is easy to wipe off dirt by loading luggage with water or mud.

Latest “eK Cross Space” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

408 units

Average price 163Ten thousand yen
Base price 109-2.33 million yen

1st place: Suzuki Spacia Gear

Suzuki Spacia Gear (2020)

Suzuki “Spacia Gear” is the car that ranked first in the light car ranking recommended for family camps.

Based on the high-tall wagon “Spacia”, it has a friendly design with a toy-like and SUV-like appearance.

The point I would like to pay attention to in Spacia Gear is the usability of the interior. The water-repellent seats help repel water and prevent stains even when you get into a car with wet clothes in marine sports.

In addition, it is also attractive to be able to stay in the car by making the seat fully flat by taking advantage of the space inside the car. It is one that can realize a relaxing space even for families with children.

Latest “Spacia Gear” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

591 units

Average price 167Ten thousand yen
Base price 1.082 to 2.94 million yen

Recommended light car ranking for solo camp & van-dwelling

5th place: Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny (2018)

Suzuki “Jimny” ranked 5th in the light car ranking recommended for solo camps and van-dwelling.

Jimny is a full-fledged Crocan SUV with a history of more than 50 years, and with its sturdy “ladder frame” and “part-time 4WD”, it has the advantage of being able to run easily on rough roads.

Although the interior space of the car is inferior to that of the High Tall Wagon and 1BOX type, it is possible to connect the front seats and rear seats to make it fully flat. We support from breaks to van-dwelling.

The back door opens to the right, making it easy to put in and take out luggage even if there is a wall behind it. The luggage compartment is equipped with a luggage box and a tool box, which is convenient for temporarily storing dirty luggage and storing repair kits when a tire punctures.

Latest “Jimny” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

5179 units

Average price 136 136Ten thousand yen
Base price 90-3.98 million yen

4th place: Daihatsu Hijet Cargo

Daihatsu Hijet Cargo (2021)

Daihatsu “Hijet Cargo” ranked 4th in the mini vehicle ranking recommended for solo camps and van-dwelling.

As with the same 1BOX type rival model, the Hijet Cargo, which has been seen more often in the recent camping boom, was remodeled to a new model in 2021.

The first strength we want to pay attention to in the Hijet Cargo is the size of the interior space. It boasts top-class loading capacity even in light cargo vans, and it can be loaded with a large number of cardboard boxes for delivery, which will prove the size of the car.

In addition, the adoption of a CVT (continuously variable transmission) transmission, which is the first FR (front engine, rear wheel drive) -based light cargo van, has also led to improved driving performance. There are many cases where there are many mountains and steep slopes along the way to the campsite, so the adoption of a drive system that can draw out power will be strongly attracted.

Latest “Hijet Cargo” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

3822 units

Average price 79 79Ten thousand yen
Base price 40-2.99 million yen

3rd place: Suzuki Every

Suzuki Every JOIN (2018)

Suzuki “Every” ranked 3rd in the mini car ranking recommended for solo camps and van-dwelling.

Like its rival Daihatsu Hijet Cargo, it has become a car with an increasing number of users due to the camping boom in recent years.

The first attraction you want to pay attention to in Every is the length of the room. The luggage compartment length is about 1,800 mm to 1,900 mm, which is one of the best in its class in a light cargo van. The rear seats are laid down and mats are laid, making it easy to stay in the car.

The wide opening of the back door and rear sliding door makes it easy to load and unload luggage. Even camping equipment with many heavy tools can be easily carried.

Latest “Every” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

3890 units

Average price 86Ten thousand yen
Base price 60-3.95 million yen

2nd place: Daihatsu Taft

Daihatsu Taft (2020)

Daihatsu “Taft” ranked second in the mini vehicle ranking recommended for solo camps and van-dwelling.

It is a tall wagon that incorporates the styling of the crossover SUV that has become popular in recent years, and has become a hot seller of Daihatsu.

What I want to pay attention to in Taft is the luggage space. Tilt the rear seats to increase capacity and load a wide range of items, from large luggage to long items, making it easier to go to the campsite.

Another advantage is that camping equipment is easy to carry, such as incorporating a stain-resistant material on the back of the rear seats and the bottom of the luggage space, and preparing multiple hooks on which the bag can be hooked.

Latest “Taft” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

1843 units

Average price 149Ten thousand yen
Base price 1.1 to 2.58 million yen

1st place: Suzuki Hustler

Suzuki Hustler J Style (2021)

Suzuki “Hustler” won the 1st place in the light car ranking recommended for solo camp and van-dwelling.

It is a car that appeared in manga and anime where a certain high school girl who likes camping is active, and it will be a light car that is also active in actual camping.

The second generation, which appeared in 2019, is one that is as easy to use as the first generation.

The highly-designed seat with three color variations is water-repellent, so you can get into the car as it is after playing in the water. In addition, the seat arrangement is also diverse, realizing a load capacity that can handle long items and large luggage.

The luggage space is equipped with a removable “luggage underbox” that can be washed by removing the case that has become dirty with mud, making it a recommended unit for those who like camping but also like cleanliness.

Latest “Hustler” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

65 units

Average price 95Ten thousand yen
Base price 53-1.43 million yen

We also recommend the camping-specific mini car “Light Camper”

Japan Camper Show 2019 Van Shop Mikami Tent Musi
Japan Camper Show 2019 Van Shop Mikami Tent Musi

If you want to enjoy camping in a light car for a full-scale and long-term, we also recommend purchasing a “light camper”.

Based on a light truck or a light cargo van, it features a cabin behind the vehicle that realizes a living space like a hotel. It is a popular car model that some camping enthusiasts travel across Japan for weeks or months.

Some vehicles have a kitchen for cooking, and some light campers have a mechanism to open a tent on the roof, so I think you should pay attention to this car once.

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