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Suzuki has a strong impression of being a “mini vehicle manufacturer” in Japan, and even from a global perspective, Suzuki has many inexpensive small cars for emerging countries, so it seems that “a car with a beautiful silhouette” from the side is unrelated.

However, in the past, it was also a manufacturer that made beautiful cars based on the design of master Giugiaro, such as Fronte Coupe and 4th generation Carry, and during the GM Group’s era, making cheap but not cheap cars was also highly evaluated. I did.

This time, we will introduce at least “cars with beautiful silhouettes” from Suzuki.

Cappuccino (1991)

Beautiful silhouette because it is the only light FR open sport Author: bluXgraphics (motorcycle design Japan) = Midorikawa CC BY-SA 2.0
Suzuki cappuccino

Although the power train is a diversion of Jimny and light commercial vehicles, it will not be possible to revive unless it enters the EV era. The silhouette is perfect.

Certainly there are dimensional restrictions unique to the mini vehicle standard, but it realizes the classic FR sports car style of long nose and short deck, and the long wheelbase with tires arranged at the four corners as much as possible, for the vehicle class It even looks good.

Since the body of the cabin is small, it looks relatively large, but if it is fully open, there is no problem, and it can be said that it is the most “sports car-like car with a beautiful silhouette” of all Suzuki cars.

Latest “Cappuccino” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

134 units

Average price 120Ten thousand yen
Base price 450,000 to 2.6 million yen

Cultus Convertible (1992)

It’s a perfect convertible car based on a hatchback car!

Geo Metro Convertible (Suzuki Cultus Convertible GM low-priced car brand “Geo” specifications, details such as bonnet duct are non-original) © Konstantin /

“Open car based on 2BOX hatchback car and compact coupe” that was a little popular from the 1980s to the early 1990s, but like Honda City (1st generation) and Mazda Familia (6th generation), it fell down even though it was for safety. It’s a little fun to have a roll bar for time protection.

It is desirable to have a full open, but what is surprisingly excellent is the convertible set in the second generation Cultus, which has a cool design for a lower priced car than the original, especially the silhouette at the time of opening is like this from the beginning. Is it an open sport? Beauty that makes you think.

Because it is a hatchback, there is no rear part of the cabin that makes you feel heavy, so it is straight and smart, and the Cultus Convertible that makes you feel speed and exhilaration is a presence that can be reviewed.

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SX4 (2006)

e? Was there such a cool car in Suzuki?A silhouette that makes you groan

Suzuki SX4 (first generation / overseas specification) © Konstantin /

After Cultus, Suzuki’s small car has a lot of splash-like patterns that are only minor cars, although it has a dull impression except for Swift and Solio of the second generation and later, but there is a silhouette for its soberness. The SX4 is a car that has a strong feeling and should be reviewed.

That should be it, the form designed by master Giorgetto Giugiaro with the sister car Fiat Sedici is perfect, and although it is different from the important contour in the silhouette, the processing around the triangular window on the front side of the front side, the visual center of gravity Has also succeeded in lowering.

Thanks to that, the bonnet, which should have a certain volume in reality, looks low, and without prior knowledge, I would wonder, “Is there such a cool car, Suzuki?”

The second generation SX-4 S-CROSS seems to have lost the basic goodness of the design as a result of sticking to the SUV color, which is a bit disappointing.

Latest “SX4” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

33 units

Average price 42Ten thousand yen
Base price 180,000-900,000 yen

* The author information of the images used in this article is as of the date of publication.

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