Actually, it’s not just the elderly … Is the accident of misstepping also the younger generation? How to prevent malfunction | MOBY [モビー]

There are many accidents caused by mistakes in pedaling, such as “a car has crashed into a store or sidewalk.” What kind of measures are effective in preventing accidents caused by misstepping?

Missteps can occur regardless of age

Many people may have the image that there are many elderly people who accidentally press the pedal incorrectly.Most of the people involved in misstepping accidents often seen in the news are elderly peopleThat’s why.

However, in reality, there are mistakes while driving regardless of age. It is said that the cause of such operation mistakes is a panic condition caused by impatience.

Some people are not accustomed to driving and are not confident in driving, so they tend to get impatient and make operational mistakes. These people, regardless of age, are prone to operational mistakes.

At the driving school where I used to work, the less the number of skill trainings, the more often I mistakenly step on the brakes and accelerators regardless of age. If you step on the brake by mistake, the car will stop, so there is no problem, but if you step on the accelerator by mistake, it may cause a runaway.

These operational mistakes occur regardless of age. So why is it that all the accidents caused by misstepping by the elderly are widely reported? This isWhether you can take immediate action after making a mistakeIt is in.

In general, the younger the generation, the more likely they are to notice the mistake and step on the brake at the moment they make a mistake. It can be said that the instantaneous force and the speed of reaction prevent the runaway accident.

but,As we get older, our instantaneous power and reaction slow down.That is already known in various studies. in short,Even if you step on the accelerator by mistake, your body will become stiff and it will not lead to the action of “stepping on the brake”.

When I renewed my driver’s license and gave a skill class on misstepping, I heard that many elderly people“I can’t step on the brakes immediately because my body is too strong.”I was talking.

in short,Operational mistakes such as stepping mistakes occur regardless of age, but the elderly will be delayed in dealing with them afterwards.Therefore, it can be said that there is a high possibility that it will develop into a runaway accident such as plunging into a store or sidewalk.

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