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To get a driver’s license, it is common to go to a driving school (here, a designated driving school approved by the Public Safety Commission).

Is the difficulty of the exam the same no matter which driving school you go to? Is there a difference in difficulty depending on the driving school? The author, who has experience working as an instructor at a driving school, will explain.

The lessons are unified, so the difficulty level is the same, but …

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Speaking from conclusion,“There is almost no difference in difficulty”That is the correct answer. because,Because the content of the lessons conducted at the driving school and the passing criteria for the written test (department test) and driving test (skill test) are unified nationwide.is.

The content of the training and the acceptance criteria are stipulated in detail in the “Road Traffic Law Enforcement Ordinance”, “Road Traffic Law Enforcement Regulations”, and “Rules for Details of Training Standards for Designated Driving Schools, etc.” Therefore, basically, there is no difference in the content of training and acceptance criteria no matter where you go to a driving school in Japan.

For example, the road width is stipulated by law for S-shaped, crank driving (narrow road practice), parallel parking and garage entry (direction change), which are often taken up as subjects that are not good at driving schools.

if,If there is a driving school where the passing criteria vary and you can easily pass it, people who want to get a license will flood the driving school.It is stipulated by law that there is no difference in difficulty no matter which driving school you attend.

Also, although the car used in the training differs depending on the driving school,The size of the car used for practice and exams is determined in millimeters.Although it is an ordinary car, there is no difference between it being as small as a light car and being as large as a midsize car.

Impreza G4 training car

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