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Toyota GR Supra co-developed with BMW

Toyota GR Supra

The Toyota GR Supra is a model developed in collaboration with BMW in order to realize the packaging of Supra’s traditional “rear-wheel drive vehicle equipped with an in-line 6-cylinder engine.”

Although the development is separate, it adopts the same platform as the Z4, and the engine is also equipped with BMW’s B48 type or B58 type.

Since the GR Supra is a model that can be said to have “BMW blood”, it seems that some people are expecting the GR Supra by the BMW official tuner “Alpina”.

Good news for those who say, “Speaking of Supra, back view!”

What will happen to the GR Supra by the BMW official tuner “Alpina”?

Expected CG of Alpina Supra

CG that predicted such “Alpina Supra” was released by overseas media.

The Alpina-like finish, such as the “Alpina Line” with stripes on the body side, 20-spoke aluminum wheels, and the Alpina blue body color, which are the characteristics of the model designed by Alpina.

Expected CG of Alpina Supra

Alpina also features aero parts with a discreet design. Even with the Alpina Supra, we did not install extreme aero parts, but installed lip spoilers, side skirts, etc. and painted the same color as the body to add a modest overall volume.

“Better car” aimed at collaboration

There is no GR Supra, but if it is a Z4 …


Alpina denied the possibility of tuning the GR Supra when the GR Supra debuted.

The reason for the GR Supra and Z4 is that the market is limited, and in fact, Alpina has not released a model based on the BMW model Z4 as well as the Supra.

Alpina has released “ROADSTER S” based on the first Z4 (E85) in the past, but it seems that it is cautious to work on a model of this class because it struggled to sell this model. is.

Therefore, the realization of Alpina Supra may only be possible by customizing by the user.

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