The new Honda Accord also has a refreshing look! Will you withdraw from Japan with a big minor change? | MOBY [モビー]

table of contents

  • Approximate appearance revealed from the test car
  • Adopted Honda’s new generation design
  • Is the platform inherited from the predecessor?
  • Crown … Is the Accord withdrawing from Japan, which is struggling with sedans?

Approximate appearance revealed from the test car

Accord test car

The Honda Accord is a model that is deeply popular in the United States as a sedan larger than the Civic. A test car that seems to be the next model has already been witnessed, and preparations are being made steadily for a model change.

Based on the witnessed test car, overseas media created and released the expected CG.

Catch the Accord test car!

Scoop the next Honda Accord test car! Production will end in Japan, but what will happen?

Adopted Honda’s new generation design


In the expected CG of the new Accord created based on the test car, it is drawn as a sedan with a horizontal front mask like the Civic and Step WGN.

In addition, the front grille adopts the shape like the two-layer structure seen in the new ZR-V and CR-V.

It was expected that the front grille and headlights would be connected into one, resulting in a neat design that would be significantly different from the current model.

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