Lexus UX attractive special specification car “F SPORT Emotional Explorer” “Graceful Explorer” released on July 7, 2022

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About UX special specification car “F SPORT Emotional Explorer”

The special specification car “F SPORT Emotional Explorer” is based on the evolved “UX250h”, “UX200” and “F SPORT”, and has been finished with a fearless specification that emphasizes the image of driving.

For the exterior, a two-tone color that combines a black roof is set, and along with cutting brilliance + black-painted aluminum wheels and black-painted door mirrors, the style is aggressive and firm.

In the interior, the seats, steering, seat belts, etc. are accented with flared red based on black to give a sporty impression. Ventilation function and heater are set as standard on the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat to improve comfort.

A panoramic view monitor (with underfloor transparent display function), a blind spot monitor[BSM]and a parking support brake (front / rear stationary object + rear approaching vehicle)[PKSB]are set as standard, and preventive safety equipment is enhanced.

About UX special specification car “Graceful Explorer”

The special edition “Graceful Explorer” is based on the UX250h / UX200 “version C” and is finished in an elegant and sophisticated style that makes adults feel calm.

On the exterior, the spindle grille, headlamps and alloy wheels are accented with silver, and the fender arch molding, which is the same color as the body color, further accentuates the sophisticated style of UX.

In the interior, mauve in a special color is set for the seat, door trim, and armrests to create a calm and elegant interior space. In addition, the ventilation function and heater are set as standard on the driver’s and passenger’s seats to improve comfort.

Panorama view monitor (with underfloor transparent display function), blind spot monitor[BSM]parking support brake (front / rear stationary object + rear approaching vehicle)[PKSB]hands-free power back door (with pinch prevention function / stop position memory function) ) Is set as standard. Enhancing preventive safety equipment.

The partially improved “UX” is equipped with the latest 12.3-inch touch-type infotainment system.

Navigation display from “10.3 inch wide display”Larger to “12.3 inch touch wide display”.

Renewed multimedia system and connected services.

Digital key“The set.

New touch displayIs adopted. The touch pad “Remote Touch” has been abolished, and a drink holder has been newly adopted.

up to date”Lexus Safety System +Is installed.

NAVI / AI-AVS and performance damper are standard equipment on “F-SPORT”.

Improved body rigidity, revised suspension settings, and newly developed 18-inch run-flat tiresImprove driving performance..

Changed the hybrid emblem.

“Analog clock”, “microSD card slot” and “CD / DVD / Blu-ray player” will be abolished.

Similar to “NX”, the multimedia system and connected services have been renewed.A new touch display is used. The navigation display has been increased in size from “10.3 inch wide display” to “12.3 inch touch wide display”.Along with that, the “analog clock”, “microSD card slot”, and “CD / DVD / Blu-ray player” installed next to the displayIs abolished.

The touch pad “Remote Touch” has been abolished, and a drink holder has been newly adopted.Set “Digital Key”.“Mercury Gray Mica” and “Sonic Chrome” are added as body colors.

Expanded functions of Lexus Safety System +

By improving the performance of the monocular camera and millimeter-wave radar, the coverage area of ​​”pre-crash safety” that can detect daytime bicycle drivers and nighttime pedestrians has been expanded. Sometimes crossing pedestrians coming from the front can also be detected. In addition, functions such as emergency steering support that assists steering in the lane triggered by the driver’s steering have been added.

By utilizing AI technology for lane recognition of the advanced driving support function “Lane Tracing Assist (LTA)” that supports steering so that the vehicle can drive in the center of the same lane, the range of support has been expanded to provide smoother and more uninterrupted steering support. realization.

“Radar cruise control (with all vehicle speed tracking function)” that accelerates and decelerates so that the distance to the vehicle in front is constant within the vehicle speed set on a motorway, etc., and a curve that decelerates in advance according to the size of the curve Added speed control function.

Added a driver error response system. If the driver continues to be in a non-operation state during LTA control, the driver will be prompted to operate with a sound, display, and a warning by slow deceleration. Supports avoidance of damage and damage accidents and reduction of accident damage. After the vehicle is stopped, the door is unlocked and the help net is automatically connected to request lifesaving, contributing to early driver lifesaving and rescue.

Digital key

By installing a dedicated smartphone app, you can use your smartphone as a digital key for vehicles that have this function. In addition to being able to lock / unlock the door by operating from the smartphone screen, the engine can be started by pressing the start switch while carrying the smartphone. Even if you have multiple cars that support your digital keys, you can operate them with just one smartphone. In addition, since digital keys can be exchanged between smartphones, it is easy to rent and borrow vehicles at remote locations between family and friends.

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The latest multimedia system and improved cockpit usability

Renewed multimedia system and connected service.

Adopting a 12.3 inch / 8 inch touch display with larger size / higher resolution, equipped with the latest multimedia system pursuing intuitive ease of use.

We provide services that are suitable for customers’ daily use by greatly expanding the G-Link function. Also, modernization of multimedia system by OTA software update.

With the touch screen of the display, the shape and switch layout around the instrument panel and console have been optimized. The seat heater switch, etc. installed in the instrument panel center is placed at the top of the console, and two USB charging connectors (Type-C) are newly set in the space in front of the console created by this. In addition, the charging space has been expanded vertically as much as possible, and LED lighting has been added to the top to improve usability.

Improved body rigidity

A total of 20 spot welding spots have been added to the body openings around the side doors and back doors to improve body rigidity. Refitted EPS and absorbers, and ran at Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama. Pursuing a linear response that is faithful to the driver’s intentions, such as the comfort of seamlessly connecting deceleration, steering, and acceleration in all driving situations.

Improved quietness

For quietness, which is the origin of LEXUS, we have newly developed 18-inch run-flat tires. Road noise is reduced by devising tread patterns, etc.

Evolution of F SPORT driving

Performance damper on F SPORT®And AVS are set as standard.Performance damper installed at the rear of the vehicle®As a result, the bending and slight vibrations that occur in the body are quickly absorbed, the handling characteristics are further sharpened, and the ride quality and quietness are improved. AVS with excellent damping force switching response achieves excellent steering response, stability, and comfortable ride by maintaining a flat posture and blocking shock even on a road surface where large swells and fine irregularities are combined. .. By adding a brace to the steering gear, the steering response is further improved. Pursuing sporty driving performance that is faithful to the driver’s operation.

In the interior, in addition to the sports seat, steering, shift knob, meter, and aluminum sports pedal exclusively for F SPORT, an aluminum footrest and scuff plate are newly set this time. Further strengthening the driving image and sportiness of F SPORT.

About the new UX250h UX200 specs

spec New UX200 New UX250h
full length 4,495mm
Full width 1,840mm
Overall height 1,520mm
Wheelbase 2,640mm
engine 2.0L in-line 4-cylinder
Direct injection engine
2.0L in-line 4-cylinder direct injection
Engine + motor
Maximum output 128kW (174PS) /
6,600 rpm
107kW (146PS) /
6,000 rpm
Maximum torque 209Nm (21.3kgfm) /
4,000-5,200 rpm
188Nm (19.2kgfm) /
4,400 rpm
Front motor
Maximum output
– – 80kw
Front motor
Maximum torque
– – 202Nm
(20.6kgf ・ m)
Rear motor
Maximum output
– – 5kw
Rear motor
Maximum torque
– – 55Nm
(5.6kgf ・ m)
transmission Direct Shift-CVT CVT
WLTC mode fuel economy 16.4km / L 22.8km / L
21.6km / L
Drive system 2WD (FF) 2WD (FF) /
4WD (E-Four)

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New UX250h UX200 Partially improved 2022 Price Grade

grade engine hybrid
Special specification car
“F SPORT Emotional
(2.0L in-line 4-cylinder)
Lexus Hybrid Drive 2WD 5,268,000 yen
AWD 5,533,000 yen
Special specification car
“Graceful Explorer”
2WD 4,888,000 yen
AWD 5,153,000 yen
“Version L”
2WD 5,192,000 yen
AWD 5,457,000 yen
2WD 5,041,000 yen
AWD 5,306,000 yen
“Version C”
2WD 4,603,000 yen
AWD 4,868,000 yen
UX250h 2WD 4,359,000 yen
AWD 4,624,000 yen
grade engine Trance
Special specification car
Emotional Explorer ”
(2.0L in-line 4-cylinder)
Direct Shift-CVT 2WD 4,912,000 yen
Special specification car
“Graceful Explorer”
4,532,000 yen
“Version L”
4,836,000 yen
4,685,000 yen
“Version C”
4,247,000 yen
UX200 4,003,000 yen

Thinking about the new Lexus UX

For Lexus, the “UX” is a compact SUV in the Japanese market and has high sales power.This time, it has evolved normally as a Lexus, and by renewing the interior, it will be a model that feels evolution when riding more than it looks.It will be one that you can rely on due to the enhancement of safety equipment and the latest equipment

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Lexus new UX partial improvement released on July 7, 2022
Lexus will make some improvements to the “UX” and release it on July 7, 2022.[About Lexus new UX partial improvement 2022]Like “NX”, multimedia system and connected service …

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