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Is KINTO given preferential treatment over Toyota dealers?

KINTO logo
KINTO logo

“KINTO” is an automobile subscription service developed by the Toyota Group.

This time, I caught the information that there is a difference in the handling of this KINTO and Toyota dealers. I actually interviewed Toyota officials and confirmed it.

There is a disparity in the timing of orders and delivery …

Corolla cross

According to a sales representative of a Toyota dealer, orders for the Corolla Cross hybrid specification were discontinued at the dealership at the end of May this year. However, KINTO continued to accept orders until the end of June.

There is a noticeable difference in delivery time. The table below compares the delivery date with KINTO and the normal delivery date (as of June 28).

Vehicle type KINTO HP Toyota HP
Aqua About 1.5 to 2 months 6 months or more
Alphard About 1.5 to 2 months Suspension of orders
Noah & Voxy About 1.5 to 2 months About 5 to 6 months
Corolla cross About 1.5 to 2 months 6 months or more
GR 86 7 months or more 6 months or more

Looking at Toyota’s official website, it is stated that the delivery time for almost all models is more than half a year, but almost all models in the KINTO lineup will be delivered in about two months.

The delivery time of the Corolla Cross Hybrid mentioned above was about 15 months as of May, but with KINTO it was about 2 months. It will be delivered more than a year earlier if you purchase it at KINTO. Even though the sales form is different, is it so different?

Toyota’s forecast of “sold out in 2 days” bZ4X sales volume, significantly lower than expected

Reasons for dispatching vehicles prior to KINTO

The sales representative says that the background to this “car delivery gap” is the degree to Toyota President Toyota.

Toyota says that in 2018, it is necessary to transform from a company that makes cars to a “mobility company” that provides all services related to mobility, and in that way, “KINTO” was born in 2019.

Since KINTO is a vital measure of President Toyota, it is rumored among dealers that there is a tendency of the domestic business manager to give priority to dispatching vehicles.

There are also lamenting voices from the scene saying “There is no car model that sells”

In fact, the sales representative who responded to the interview also said, “Currently, orders for many car models are suspended, and the prizes recommended to customers are limited, which is a difficult situation.” At another store, many employees complained that they were crushing the store.

On July 1st, it was announced that orders for the new Land Cruiser 300 would end because production could not keep up, and orders for the current model of the popular minivan Alphard & Vellfire also ended in late June.

There are various reasons such as full model changes and specification changes, but it seems that it is difficult for dealers to do it as orders for popular models are being terminated one after another.

The current Alphard orders have ended!The next model will be released in May next year.

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