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Depending on the grade of the car, the appearance such as aero parts and the interior design such as the material of the seat will differ.

When considering resale, it is easy to think that “highest grade / luxury grades are likely to sell higher”, but it seems that the highest grade / luxury grade cars cannot always be sold at a high price to used car dealers. is.

There may be a difference in the future sale price depending on the grade

Used car dealers identify popular and unpopular grades at the time of assessment.

I own two cars so far. All of them have experience of being assessed by used car purchase shops and car auction sites, and one of them has been sold.

The one sold was the Subaru Impreza G4 (GJ type) grade “2.0i EyeSight”, 2013 model. I went around several used car purchase shops on my own and sold them at the shop of “Big Motor”, one of the leading used car sales chains in Japan.

At that time, I remember the sales staff who responded as follows.

Subaru Impreza G4 (GK type, 2016)

Refer to the data published in the “Used Car Assessment Standards” established by JAAI (Japan Automobile Assessment Association) and the “Red Book” (a magazine specializing in used car price information published by Auto Guide Co., Ltd.). In addition, we will show you the condition of the car and present a rough amount of money.

The Red Book contains the latest information on trade-in prices and transaction prices between vendors for each model, soYou can find out the basic amount immediately by checking the model and grade of the car you brought in.

We sort out the points that are positive or negative depending on the condition of the car, present the final assessed amount to the customer, and if you are satisfied, the sale will be completed. “

in short,No matter how expensive you pay for a luxury grade, there is no guarantee that you can sell it at a high price.Should be considered. When considering the purchase of a new car with a view to resale, it is also important to determine the grade of the used car, whether it is popular or in demand.

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