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There are various body colors depending on the car model, such as more or less, only plain colors, or bright and pop colors, but there is also a color that says “This color is outstandingly suitable for this car!” ..

In Japan, white, black, and silver, which can be used from ceremonial occasions to formal occasions, are safe and are preferred because they fit most cars, but what other car suits your body color?

This time, we will introduce a car that suits the “pink” body color.

Mazda Autozam Carol (2nd generation, 1989, Ravian Rose)

A girl longing for pink carol on a canvas top, raise her hand

Mazda Autozam Carol (first 660cc version)

Mazda’s mini passenger car has been revived for the first time in 13 years since Chanter, which was abolished in 1976, and for the first time in 19 years since the first carol was abolished in 1970.

After the 4th generation, it has been an OEM car of Suzuki Alto, but the 2nd generation Carol, which made its debut for the “Autozam store” when Mazda dealers had 5 channels, is using Alto for the mechanism such as chassis and power unit. , The interior and exterior were Mazda original.

Perhaps because of the focus on the design in a sense, the second-generation Carol became popular because of its round and cute design, and the pink Carol called “Lavian Rose” was often seen at that time.

On the way, after expanding the displacement to 660cc due to the standard change, the model was changed to the 3rd generation in 1995, and although it was still popular, Mazda’s original design was stopped when it was revised to the current standard in 1998. That’s too bad.

Latest “Carroll” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

420 units

Average price 41 41Ten thousand yen
Base price 20,000 to 2.28 million yen

Toyota Crown Athlete G Reborn PINK (14th generation, 2012, Momotarou)

It seems that he didn’t buy Yoshihiko Sato

Toyota Crown Athlete G i-Four “Reborn PINK” (14th generation S210 series)

The 14th generation S210 Crown athlete was surprised by the adoption of an aggressive lightning grill, but at the time of the announcement, a pink crown appeared, and it was scheduled to be released, which confused the media and car lovers.

However, in July 2013, it was announced that reception will start in September, and in December, production / delivery will start as a special specification car “Reborn PINK” of athlete G and athlete G i-Four (hybrid). ..

The pink color with the motif of “Doraemon’s Anywhere Door” was a car full of various things, such as “Momotaro” for some reason, but when the actual car starts running in the city, it looks unexpectedly chic (my neighborhood). There was also a person riding it, but it doesn’t feel strange at all).

Toyota, which had a good feeling, will continue to release sky blue crowns and young grass-colored crowns, but it was this “pin crown” that had the highest impact.

Suzuki Hustler (1st generation, 2014, Candy Pink Metallic)

Isn’t “SUV that looks good in pink” about Hustler?

Suzuki Hustler (1st generation)

A masterpiece that became a hit when it re-entered the “light crossover SUV” that was temporarily a blank area, and produced followers from rival companies other than Honda.

To the same FF base light platform as Wagon R etc., earning the minimum ground clearance with large diameter tires and suspension, the angular form using a lot of resin parts is also an off-roader style, and it was a cute car, but a wide range of users This is the secret to gaining support from the layer.

Especially in terms of design, there is an atmosphere that is somewhat similar to Toyota’s FJ Cruiser style, FJ 40 Land Cruiser which is also the motif of FJ Cruiser considering the size, and the bright body color and the two-tone color with the white roof are no longer convinced?

The pink color was a maker option body color called “Candy Pink Metallic White 2-tone Roof”, but this was not a large black can, but a body color that suits because it is a light hustler.

Latest “Hustler” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

64 units

Average price 99Ten thousand yen
Base price 53-1.5 million yen

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