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A fine of about 16.5 billion yen for Honda’s recall

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the United States has been investigating the phantom braking problem of Honda vehicles from February 2022 to the present.

Phantom braking is a malfunction in which the automatic emergency braking operates unexpectedly. When this phenomenon occurs, the vehicle may suddenly slow down and the risk of collision with the following vehicle may increase.

NHTSA is asking Honda to provide details on sensors, hardware, software, etc. related to automatic braking, and if not addressed by August 12, Honda will be up to $ 122 million (up to $ 122 million). You will be ordered to pay a civil sanction of about 16.5 billion yen).

Class action proceedings against Toyota in Australia … Payment of about 180 billion yen or more?

The origin is the defect reported in February

The investigation began in February of this year with the Accord and CR-V automatic braking allegations. As of February, more than 1.7 million vehicles were targeted, with 278 complaints, 6 mildly ill and 6 collisions, none of which have resulted in major accidents.

Currently, the scope of the survey is being expanded, and in addition to the two models mentioned above, the Civic, Pilot Passport, and Acura RDX are also included.

A Korean-made EV burned immediately after the accident … Why did that happen?

Similar request to Tesla in May this year

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Honda is not the first time NHTSA has asked Phantom Brake to disclose information.

Regarding Tesla, after updating the automatic driving software “Full Self-Driving (FSD)” in October last year, it was triggered by returning to the old version in response to problems such as forward warning and phantom braking. ..

This issue has resulted in a recall, but in May of this year it was requested to provide information on 758 reports of phantom brakes on Model 3 and Model Y.

It should be dangerous … Why don’t you dare to remove the label of a new tire?

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