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A special feature that introduces “car rubber” who enjoys car life and loves cars. MOBY asked car lovers nationwide about their car introductions, hobbies, and date spots they want to go by car! Please check it out ♪

Today’s CarLOVER !! Macha-san (30’s)

Q. Please tell me about your car.

This is Mitsubishi Delica d5!

Q. What was the deciding factor in choosing that car?

Originally, my hobbies were camping, snowboarding, and fishing, and I wanted a car that could run with a large load capacity!

Q. When did you get your driver’s license? How long have you been driving a car?

I’ve been driving since 2009!

Q. Do you have a favorite car manufacturer?

It’s TOYOTA or Mitsubishi Motors.

Q. Please tell us about your car itinerary.

Corolla Fielder → Wagon r → Lexus is → Mitsubishi Delica

Q. Do you have a favorite car that you would like to ride someday?

I want to ride Mitsubishi Delica for a long time, but I want Lancer Evo X with more cars.

Q. When do you usually get in your car?

I get on it even when I go to the grocery store or go to a convenience store for a while (laughs).

Q. Please tell us about your usual hobbies and hobbies using a car.

I usually use it for camping, snowboarding, fishing, etc.!

Q. Do you have any maintenance or care that you usually do?

Every time I go to my hobby, I wash my hands and vacuum the inside! Recently, I’m interested in a rinser for cleaning sheets!

Q. Please tell me the date spot you want to go by car.

Hottarakashi Onsen! Recommended ♪

Q. What kind of topic do you want to get excited about on a drive date?

Talk about your dog and hobbies!

Q. What song do you want to listen to while driving?

Southern All Stars ♪

Q. What is the opposite sex gesture that makes you surprised while driving?

For example, the moment when food is passed to you, such as gum and sweets.

Q. What car do you want your favorite person to ride?

Is it Delica d5?

CarLOVER’s Profile

  • Name: Macha
  • Age: Mid 30s
  • Occupation: Sales
  • Birthplace: Chiba Prefecture
  • Place of residence: Chiba
  • My car: Mitsubishi Delica d5
  • Favorite drive spot: Yamanashi Fuji Five Lakes area

Macha’s favorite car accessories are this!

Please let me know if you have any favorite points.

I like it because it gives a slimy finish without removing the coating! The price is also good!

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