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What happened? “SOUL’d OUT” is trending

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“SOUL’d OUT” is Diggy-MO’who is in charge of the main MC / vocal that gained popularity in songs such as “Wekapipo”, Bro.Hi who is in charge of the human beatbox MC, and Shinnosuke who produces the track of hip hop. It is a hip-hop group consisting of 3 people.

It was disbanded in July 2014, ending 15 years of activity, but about eight years later, on June 28, 2022, “SOUL’d OUT” entered the Twitter trend. It became a hot topic.

“Welcome to our future showroom!”

Is the reason for entering the trend “New Starbucks”?

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Following the trend of “SOUL’d OUT”, music lovers posted a series of “Why SOUL’d OUT is trending?”

It seems that some people have misunderstood “Is it a reunion?”, And the title of the major debut song “Wekapipo” has also entered the trend.

Actually, it seems that the tweet that the new product of the coffee chain store “Starbucks” was sold out (SOLD OUT) was triggered by the fact that SOLD OUT became SOUL’d OUT due to an incorrect conversion.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t news about the reunion, but we saw tweets from fans who were genuinely pleased with the trend of SOUL’d OUT.

Diggy-MO’plays the crown in the video of the CV club

Diggy-MO’, the main MC and vocalist of SOUL’d OUT, appears as the Toyota Crown in the “CV Club” where you can enjoy playing CV (character voice) on familiar things.

The crown’s “hospitality” is emphasized with phrases reminiscent of the songs sung by Diggy-MO’.

In the video, Diggy-MO’fans commented, “I’m still the best gentleman Diggy-san,” and “I’m happy just to hear Diggy’s voice.”

Diggy-MO’also participates as a vocalist in the original song “WE ARE THE CV Club” of the CV Club.

This combination is … Toyota MIRAI appears in the CV section

Will the next Crown be an SUV? Ah, ah, ah …

“Too emo …” Han of Fast & Furious has two shots with RX-7 Fortune for the first time in 16 years.

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