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Toyota sells new SUV developed by Suzuki

Suzuki new SUV teaser image

On June 24, 2022, Toyota announced that it will produce the new SUV developed by Suzuki at Toyota’s local plant in India, Toyota Kirloska Motor. This new SUV is sold as a new model by Toyota and Suzuki respectively. It has revealed that it is planning to export to India including Africa.

The new SUV is equipped with the mild hybrid and strong hybrid developed by Toyota and Suzuki as powertrains. Announced that it has realized the provision of a wide range of electrification technologies by bringing together the strengths of both parties.

Toyota and Suzuki signed a memorandum of understanding for a business alliance in 2017, and in 2019, they are also forming a capital alliance in areas such as the autonomous driving field. While the relationship between Toyota and Suzuki is deepening, it was expected that Suzuki’s popular model “Jimny” would be supplied to Toyota on an OEM basis.

Doesn’t “car” work in India? 1 in 2 Suzuki cars

Jimny has a concept BEV “compact cruiser” style design!

Courtesy: Theottle

Overseas CG artist Theottle created the expected CG that Suzuki Jimny drew as an OEM supply to Toyota.

The overall basic silhouette follows the “Jimny Sierra”, while the front area adopts a design inspired by the “Compact Cruiser” released by Toyota in December 2021 last year.

It is a cross-country SUV that combines Jimny’s rugged yet functional beauty design with Toyota’s advanced design.

Fans enthusiastically look at the compact cruiser!

Is the car name “Blizzard”?The former Daihatsu OEM car name is back

Toyota Blizzard

From 1980 to 1990, Toyota received OEM supply of lager from Daihatsu and sold “Blizzard” for two generations.

It is a car name that has passed more than 30 years since the end of sales, but it is expected that the cross-country SUV based on Suzuki Jimny, for which the forecast CG was created this time, will be given the car name of “Blizzard”. increase.

For Daihatsu, which originally supplied blizzards to Toyota on an OEM basis, it may not be interesting to use the car name of the model that Daihatsu once produced for the model produced by rival Suzuki, but Daihatsu Now that there is no full-fledged cross-country SUV like Jimny, it may be that you have to close your eyes.

Isn’t Daihatsu silent? Jimny’s rival real black can!

Even if the test score is low, on the contrary, why is “Jimny amazing!”

Is it finally here?Jimny’s 5-door version

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