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What manufacturer is Kumho Tire?

Kumho Tire
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Kumho Tire is a long-established Korean manufacturer founded in 1960 and one of the Asian tire manufacturers. With a sales record of 40 years in Japan, it is famous worldwide as a tire manufacturer and distributor.

There is a history of twists and turns such as the establishment of Asiana Airlines by the Kumho Group and the subsequent bankruptcy, but in recent years management has stabilized, and in 2013 we started a technical tie-up with Yokohama Rubber, a Japanese tire manufacturer. increase.

Benefits of Kumho Tire

The biggest advantage is reasonable pricing.

You can purchase tires that meet the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), American Industrial Standards (DOT), European e-standards, and international standardization standards (ISO) for about 5,000 yen each. It can be said that it is excellent.

In addition, it has a track record of being used as genuine tires by many automobile manufacturers, and AUTOBACS sells Kumho tires as a private brand.

Disadvantages of Kumho Tire

It was mentioned as a disadvantage that it is inferior in terms of quietness etc. compared to high quality tires of European and domestic manufacturers, but now it is not so and boasts performance comparable to high quality tires. increase.

Main product lineup of Kumho Tire

Ecsta series

The Ecsta series is recommended as a tire for ordinary passenger cars.

You can maximize the performance of the car and demonstrate stable driving performance. It can also be used during sports driving.

Solus series

The Solus series is recommended for those who pursue quality such as quietness and wear resistance in daily use and emphasize ride quality.

Sense series

The Sense series is a tire that meets the standard and basic performance and is particularly excellent in cost performance.

In addition, there are “Kuruzen” and “Road Venture” series for SUVs, “Wintercraft” and “Eisen” series for studless tires.

Recommended Kumho Tire TOP6

6th place: Kruzen premium 265 / 60R18 KL33

It is a tire that provides SUVs with excellent quietness and ride comfort. It optimizes the adhesion point with the road surface and demonstrates high braking force in all situations.

5th place: Studless tire WI61 205 / 60R16 4 pcs set

Three technologies, including the newly adopted asymmetric pattern and dropper type sipes, contribute to excellent running stability on winter roads. It is a studless tire that improves friction performance and provides higher total performance.

4th place: Ecsta PS31 | 235 / 50R18 101W

It is a super special price limited model of standard sports.

3rd place: Road Venture APT 265 / 70R15 KL51

An on-road SUV tire that pursues comfort and long life.

2nd place: Ecsta HS51 165 / 50R15 73V Summer tire

High-balanced comfort tires that combine high quietness with excellent kinetic performance at a high level to provide comfortable driving on all road surfaces. It realizes the most comfortable driving.

1st place: Ecsta PS91 255 / 40R19 100 (Y) XL PS91

Kumho’s masterpiece. It is a premium tire that is compatible with the world’s famous supercars and high-class sedans. It has both driving performance and comfort performance at a high level.

Consider Kumho Tire for the next tire

I’ve introduced you to Kumho Tire, but how was it?

There is also the idea that if you use high-end tires for many years, it is better to replace them with tires with excellent cost performance in a short period of time. If you think of tires as consumables and choose a balance between cost and quality, Kumho tires with sufficient practicality may be worth considering.

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