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Nissan will improve the specifications of the “Notebook” and release it in August 2022. High-end model “NOTE AURA”andSome specifications improveddo.

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Nissan New Note e-POWER Partial Improvement of Specifications

In this partial specification improvementA new color has been added to the body color.Added interior color “gray”, The seat is antibacterial, and the rear armrest is added to all grades of aura. The intelligent key can be changed to lock and unlock automatically when getting on and off. The entry model “F” is abolished.

About the 3rd generation new note / note e-POWER

Nissan will make a full model change of the new “Note” and “Note e-POWER”, announced on November 24, 2020, and will be released on December 23, 2020.large”V motion grillIs adopted. Uses LED headlights with 4-eye auto-levelizer and LED signature position lamps. Omnidirectional “360 ° safety support“Furthermore, automatic driving technology”Pro pilot(Option) ”is adopted. The e-POWER that has evolved to the second generation has improved motor output and torque to realize more powerful driving, the motor adopts “EM47” type, maximum output 85kW (116PS) / 2900-10341rpm, maximum torque 280Nm (28.6) When kgfm) / 0-2900rpm was generated, the output was increased by about 6% and the torque was increased by about 10%. It will generate more efficient power and improve fuel efficiency. “Electric parking brake & holdIs adopted.

About the 3rd generation new note / note e-POWER exterior

The latest V-motion design language is used for the 3rd generation new notebook. It incorporates a V-shaped grille and aggressive headlights. Large V-motion grill “V motion grillIt incorporates many features of Nissan design such as boomerang type headlights, unique floating roof, and powerful body shape. In addition, it is equipped with a horizontally long signature LED lamp, and the headlamp has a delicate structure that makes the characteristic boomerang shape stand out more.A wide range of 13 body colors are available, including 2 tones of 2 colors.

3rd generation new note / note e-POWER interior

The interior design was created to accommodate the new instrument panels, infotainment screens, steering wheels and seats. A 7-inch “advanced drive assist display” is used for the meter. The centrally mounted 9-inch full-color display (optional) with a built-in stylish comprehensive infotainment system “NISSAN CONNECT” is dominated. “Electric parking brake & holdIs adopted. 3 types of drive modes “SPORT” “ECO” “NORMAL”. Three types of interior colors and materials are available.

About the 3rd generation new note driving support system 360 ° safety assist

Adopted Nissan’s first driving support technology “ProPilot” with navigation link function. “Intelligent emergency brake”, “misstep collision prevention assist”, “adaptive high beam assist / high beam a”, “reverse vehicle detection warning RCTA”, and “intelligent LI / LDW (lane departure warning)” are adopted.

Intelligent emergency brake The front camera detects vehicles in front (about 10-80km / h) and pedestrians (about 60km / h or less). Works even when driving at night. When the possibility of a collision increases, a warning is displayed on the in-meter display and a buzzer alerts the driver to avoid it. In the unlikely event that the driver cannot decelerate safely, the brakes support collision avoidance operations or reduce damage and injuries in the event of a collision.

Misstepped collision prevention assist If the brake operation is delayed or the accelerator pedal is mistakenly depressed for the brake pedal during parking operation (less than about 15km / h) in a place with a wall in the direction of travel, a warning is given and the engine output and brake are controlled. And supports excessive acceleration and collision prevention. Detection of vehicles and pedestrians.

Intelligent LI / LDW (Lane Departure Warning) If you are likely to deviate from the driving lane unintentionally, you will be alerted by the display and sound.

Adaptive High Beam Assist / High Beam Assist The front detection camera detects the lights of preceding and oncoming vehicles and the brightness around the road, and automatically switches between high beam and low beam.

Intelligent BSI (rear side collision prevention support system) When a vehicle traveling behind an adjacent lane, which tends to be a blind spot, is detected, the driver is notified by a display, and when a lane change is started, a force is generated to return the vehicle to the original lane with an alarm. And assist to avoid contact with vehicles in the adjacent lane.

Intelligent room mirror The intelligent room mirror projects the camera image behind the vehicle on the mirror surface.

Intelligent cruise control When the preceding vehicle is detected, the vehicle speed (about 30 to 100km / h) set by the driver is set as the upper limit, and the vehicle follows the vehicle in the range of stop to about 100km / h to keep the distance from the preceding vehicle.

Intelligent Around View Monitor Supports smooth parking by displaying an image as if looking down from the sky on the display.

Pro pilot The car supports accelerator, brake, and steering operations in the two major scenes where you feel a burden on the highway.

Comparison of 3rd generation new note and 2nd generation note safety equipment

system 2nd generation note 3rd generation new note
method Monocular camera +
Millimeter wave radar
Monocular camera +
Millimeter wave radar
Collision prevention assistance
Intelligent LI /
LDW (Lane Departure Warning)
High beam assist /
High beam assist
Vehicle detection warning when reversing
– –
Intelligent BSI
(Rear side collision prevention
Support system)
(Rear side vehicle detection warning)
– –
Sign detection function – –
No entry sign detection
Maximum speed sign detection
Stop sign detection
Room mirror


Cruise control
Around view monitor


Pro pilot – –
Pro pilot
Parking assist
– – – –

What is Nissan 360 ° Safety Assist Omnidirectional Driving Assistance System?About installed vehicles

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What is Nissan 360 ° Safety Assist Omnidirectional Driving Assistance System?About installed vehicles
Nissan will newly adopt “360 ° Safety Assist” for the advanced safety equipment of “Nissan Intelligent Mobility”. “Toyota Safety Sense” “Honda SENSIN …” of other companies

About all 13 colors of the 3rd generation new note body color


Super black

Pure white pearl

Brilliant silver

Dark metal gray

Garnet red

Aurora Flare Blue Pearl


Opera move

Premium Horizon Orange

Olive green

Vivid blue x super black

Opera Move x Super Black

About the 3rd generation new note price grade

type engine Trance
F In-line 3-cylinder
1.2L engine +
CVT 2WD 2,054,800 yen
S 2WD 2,029,500 yen
4WD 2,288,000 yen
X 2WD 2,186,800 yen
4WD 2,445,300 yen

About the 3rd generation new note specs

spec New note
full length 4,045mm
Full width 1,695mm
Overall height 1,505mm
Wheelbase 2,580mm
engine In-line 3-cylinder
1.2L engine “HR12DE” type
+ Motor “EM47” type
Maximum output 60kW (82PS) /
6,000 rpm
Maximum torque 103Nm (10.5kgm) /
Maximum output
85kW (116PS) /
2,900-10,341 rpm
Maximum torque
280Nm (28.6kgfm) /
Rear motor
Maximum output
– – 50kW (68PS) /
Rear motor
Maximum torque
– – 100Nm (10.2kgm) /
Extronic CVT
(Stepless transmission)
battery lithium ion
Battery (1.57 kWh)
Minimum turning radius 4.9m
Riding capacity Five people
Drive system 2WD (FF) 4WD
JC08 mode
Fuel economy
38.2km / L ~
34.8km / L
28.2km / L
WLTC mode
Fuel economy
28.4km / L ~
29.5km / L
23.8km / L
Price (10%) From 2,029,500 yen
2,186,800 yen
From 2,288,00 yen
2,445,300 yen
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Nissan New Note Aura e-POWER Partial specification improvement Released in August 2022
Nissan will release a part of the “Note” high-end model “NOTE AURA” in August 2022 with some improvements. The specifications of the base model “Notebook” will also be partially improved.[NissanNewNo


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