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What is a kill switch?

Have you ever heard the word “Kill Switch”?
The English spelling is “kill switch”, and you can see that it is literally a switch that “kills (stops)” something, but what on earth is it a switch to stop?

Kill switch is also a term that is used across multiple disciplines and is used differently.

This article explains the difference in meaning and usage of such a kill switch for motorcycles, cars, professional wrestling, and guitars.

What is a motorcycle kill switch?

Mostly attached to the right-hand drive grip.

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The bike’s kill switch is equipped to provide an emergency stop for the engine in case the accelerator does not return (cannot stop) while driving.

It is standard equipment on most motorcycles (except for some mopeds) and shuts off the engine by shutting off the power supply to the fuel injection system and ignition coil.

The reason why such a switch is attached is that a motorcycle is a vehicle that falls over.
If the engine keeps running when it falls, there is a risk of getting caught in the chain or tires, and if the accelerator turns, it may be dragged by the motorcycle as it is.

Furthermore, if there is a fuel leak from the gasoline tank, there is a danger that the spark plug sparks will ignite and cause a large explosion.

The kill switch of the motorcycle is installed as a safety device that can easily stop the engine with one thumb to prevent such a secondary disaster.

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What is a car kill switch?

Car kill switches are mainly installed on racing and military vehicles.
Its use is similar to that of a motorcycle kill switch, and it is installed as a device that cuts off the power supply from the battery to prevent secondary disasters such as fire in an emergency.

Depending on the race, it may be mandatory to install a kill switch as a regulation, and some commercial cars are also equipped with a kill switch.

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What is a professional wrestling kill switch (kill switch)?

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By the way, what is Bob’s favorite wrestling technique? ?? I really like the Christian pronoun Amplitia Kai Kill Switch! Recently, Noah’s Kotoge is using it (^ _ ^ ; pic.twitter.com/KiQO4W1KaA— Dacho P (@ porunorock74) November 25, 2016

Kill switch (kill switch) in professional wrestling is the name of the deciding technique (finisher).
Known as a specialty of WWE professional wrestler Christian Cage (ring name: Christian), he has sunk many wrestlers into the mat with this technique.

As a technique, wrap around behind the opponent in the same way as Tiger Suplex, put the arm from the outside of the arm to the side and rotate, fall on your back with the opponent facing your back, and hit your face against the mat increase.

Among Japanese wrestlers, Atsushi Kotoge and Takumi Tsukamoto use it.

Christian Kill Switch Video

What is a guitar kill switch?

The guitar kill switch is a switch that temporarily mutes the guitar when pressed, and is used for special playing techniques such as repeating ON / OFF during a performance.

It works by blocking the signal from the electric guitar pickup (a device that converts the vibration of the strings into an electric signal), but it is not usually equipped except for special guitars, and most guitarists are ordinary guitars. Is modified and a kill switch is attached.

Among the guitarists who use this kill switch, “Buckethead”, a unique guitarist who wears a paper bucket and a white mask, is famous, and is known for his unique playing style with a white modified Les Paul equipped with a kill switch. ..

Buckethead performance video

There are various meanings and usages of kill switches

How was the difference in the meaning and usage of the kill switch in motorcycles, cars, guitars, and professional wrestling?

The word kill switch had various meanings and uses, but they all had the common point of killing something.

Of course, it would be bad if you really killed the opponent with the kill switch of professional wrestling, so it is KILL in the sense of taking down the takedown.

Anyway, MOBY is a car information site, so I hope you read this article and remember just the kill switches for cars and motorcycles.
Learn how to use the kill switch and use it in case of emergency!

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