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Recently, both Citroen and Renault have stopped the number car name and became Peugeot, but the numbers in French cannot catch up with the common sense of Japanese people.

If you are a Japanese who is vulnerable to French like the author, the reason why Pujo’s 308 is read as “Trois Sansis (308)” instead of “Trois (3) Zehou (0) Yuit (8)” is completely chimpungkampung, such as Renault 11. Similarly for digit numbers, I read Japanese appropriately while thinking that French is difficult.

However, there are many car names that are well-established in French reading, probably because many people think that at least one-digit numbers are in French. ..

Citroen 2CV (1948)

How to read: Dushvo, etc …

Citroen 2CV (Dushvo)

In Japan, many people read “Nibariki” or “Tsushibui”, and some people who are a little enthusiastic read “Nibariki”.

CV is an abbreviation of “Cheval Vapeur” in French, and the French automobile tax is a taxable horsepower system in which the class changes for each horsepower (the number indicates the class, not the horsepower itself), so it becomes the car name as it is. If you read the car you are in in Japanese, “2 horsepower” is correct.

However, old car critics and shops who like European cars read “Dushvo” as it is in French, and it is also somewhat cool.

However, since French is difficult to pronounce, it is also difficult to print it in katakana, and it seems that the reading of “Tushibo”, “Dochbo”, etc. is very different due to the difference in accent and intonation.

Latest “2CV6” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

13 units

Average price 197Ten thousand yen
Base price 1-3.2 million yen

Renault 4 (1961)

How to read: Quatre.By the way, in Renault 4CV, Quatre Schvo etc.

Renault 4 (Quatre) © Marek Gottschalk /

It is one of the few cars that is often called “Renault Quatre” in French, probably because the word “Renault-Yon” in Japanese and “Renault-Foo” in English are bad. is.

Even if this is the same Renault, if it is 4CV, many people will read it as “Foo-Bui” instead of “Cattle Shuvo”, but in the case of Quatre, when it appeared in a popular drama in the 1990s, even Japanese people It may be because it was introduced with an easy-to-call car name and it became familiar as it was.

Interestingly, in France, it seems that the popular name “Catrail”, which is derived from the hit high-end model “4L (L seems to be L of limousine)”, has been established, and it seems that it is somewhat common in Japan. It looks like you can see it.

Latest “4” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

8 units

Average price 94Ten thousand yen
Base price 700 to 1.08 million yen

Renault 5 (first generation, 1972)

How to read: Thunk. The second generation is also called Super Thunk

Renault 5 (Thunk) Turbo

This is also a French reading car name that has become firmly established in Japan, but the reason why it became widespread is that the maniac of the midship sports version “5 turbo” that was also active in WRC enthusiastically stimulated car lovers, and the first French car I learned was 5 turbo. I think there are many people who say that it was.

Therefore, when the name “Thunk” comes out in Japan, it is usually a topic of 5 turbos, and the joke that “French people are stingy, so instead of Yoncq (4WD), I chose Sank (3WD?)” Was a joke in the bubble era. By that time it was already there.

In addition, the ordinary thunk is an FF compact car whose first generation inherited the front midship layout of the engine vertically installed from the cattle, and the second generation thunk which became a general engine transversely installed FF is “Super (English) to distinguish it from the first generation. It is also called “super) thunk”.

Latest “5” used car information

Today’s stock quantity


Average price 73Ten thousand yen
Base price 730,000 to 730,000 yen

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