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The categories, genres, technologies, and mechanisms of cars that have disappeared or disappeared from domestic cars now are “the last car” or “the last car that may come out again, but for the time being, the last car”. Exists.

Nowadays, I think “there was such a car”, but surprising cars were sold until the time when they weren’t so old, and it’s quite interesting to look into them.

This time, we will introduce Suzuki cars from such a car that “it was the last, probably the last, until it revives in the future”.

The last mechanical carburetor car in Japan

Carry (10th generation, 1999 carburetor car abolished)

Suzuki Carry (early 10th generation)

When the dealers around Toyota went up, even a mechanic about 50 years old said, “I have never touched a carburetor just because I learned it at a vocational school, and I do not know if I was told to adjust it.” A carburetor that is often thought of.

However, until the end of the 1990s, old-fashioned mechanical carburetor cars, which did not use a computer to mix fuel and air in a vaporizer, existed for low-priced grades of light vehicles, most of which were in October 1998. After changing to the new standard (current), it will disappear after the model change.

However, only Suzuki’s light truck “Carry” survived the mechanical carburetor car even after the model change in January 1999, and it was updated to electronically controlled injection with a minor change in November of the same year, but it is a domestic car for domestic use. It seems to be the last mechanical carburetor car.

Latest “Carry Truck” Used Car Information

Today’s stock quantity

3222 units

Average price 74 74Ten thousand yen
Base price 90-4.35 million yen

The last domestic FR light sport

Cappuccino (discontinued in 1998)

Suzuki cappuccino

Many of the light passenger cars before being converted to FF were FR cars, including ultra-high-speed, high-output engines that reached 100 horsepower per liter despite their gross value, and FR hot hatches (Mitsubishi Minica Econo Turbo 9) equipped with turbo engines.

However, in 1991, the FR light open sports “Cappuccino” with a 4-wheel double wishbone suspension on the vertical engine FR layout derived from Jimny and Carry is exceptional, with a luxurious mechanism and high that goes beyond the frame of a mini car. It will be popular for its performance.

However, in 1998, after Capuccino was abolished due to the transition to a new standard (current) mini car, domestic FR light sports were cut off (Caterham is selling a light standard version of Seven for imported cars).

Like FF (Copen) and MR (S660), the revival of FR light sports is desired even in the new standard, and the day may come when it will revive as EV sports.

Latest “Cappuccino” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

136 units

Average price 120Ten thousand yen
Base price 42,000 to 2.6 million yen

Suzuki’s last luxury (?) Sedan

Kizashi (end of sale in December 2015)

Suzuki Kizashi

Although it was exhibited at motor shows around the world several times, the concept of shooting breaks, SUVs, and high-performance 4WD sedans was not decided, and it was thought that it was just a concept car, but it made its electric shock debut in October 2009.

It was a 4-door sedan with a 2.4L engine, but it was too safe to look like a larger version of a conventional Suzuki small passenger car, and it cannot be sold in a sedan that is not sought after in the market.

Even in the North American market, which was originally supposed to be a pillar with a high-performance version, Suzuki itself withdrew, and Kizashi who lost the sales channel was taken over by the police in two bundles and three sentences, and it became almost a police car.

Perhaps Suzuki’s first and last luxury sedan made its name only as a legendary rare car that “I don’t know why it was released in the first place.”

Latest “Kizashi” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

18 units

Average price 106Ten thousand yen
Base price 350,000 to 1.78 million yen

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