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The bZ4X isn’t selling well …?

Toyota bZ4X

Global BEV “bZ4X” jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru. Today, it is sold not only in Japan but also in the United States and China.

In the Japanese market, it will be available only at KINTO from May 14, 2022. The company plans to sell 5,000 units in Japan in the first year, and will accept 3,000 units in the first phase and the remaining applications in the second phase of this fall.

When I asked a Toyota dealer about the bZ4X this time, I was able to hear the following story.

There are still at least 1,500 units left

According to the dealer’s sales representative, “The manufacturer expected it to sell out in two days, but at least 1,500 units still remain.”

bZ4X is only available for KINTO or lease, and a contract with KINTO requires an application fee of 770,000 yen. Furthermore, the vehicle price itself is a class that can be said to be a luxury car from 6 million yen.

While the development of BEV infrastructure has not progressed so much, it is amazing to sell such a model by leasing, but it seems that it is far from the assumption that it will be sold out in 2 days.

By the way, Toyota has about 6,000 dealers in Japan, and if there is an order for one in two stores, 3,000 should be completed immediately.Still unsoldAfter all, it must be said that vehicle prices, sales methods, infrastructure conditions, etc. are hampering.

Infrastructure and leasing sales are a stumbling block

Subaru Solterra, a brother car, has strong sales contrary to the manufacturer’s expectations

Unlike Toyota, the bZ4X’s brother car “Subaru Solterra” and its biggest rival “Nissan Ariya” are not leased, but are sold out as before.

Perhaps because of that, Aria and Solterra seem to sell as well as gasoline and hybrid cars. also,The subscription method has a considerable impact on the number of units sold.It seems that there is no mistake.

However, there are clear reasons for Toyota to sell the bZ4X on a lease. That is battery warranty and recovery, and investigation of deterioration status.

BEV lease sales are full of benefits in the long run

Toyota previously introduced the ultra-compact BEV “C + Pod”Regarding the reason for selling only for leasing, in order to actively work on the “3R” (reduce, reuse, recycle) of the installed batteryI am telling you that. Not only does the BEV significantly hinder driving performance due to deterioration of the battery, but the assessed amount also drops significantly.

In other words, limiting BEVs to lease sales is the most ideal for achieving carbon neutrality.

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