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In 1990 (Heisei 2), the crab day established by Osaka’s head office crab restaurant chain “Kani Doraku” is June 22nd.

Cancer starts on June 22nd, and in the order of AIUEO, “ka” is the 6th, and “ni” is hooked on the 22nd. I don’t have much to do with the author who prefers it.

However, if there is such a day, I would like to find and introduce some “crab-eyed cars” because it is a big deal.

Austin Healey Sprite Mk.I (1958)

Speaking of crab eyes, this is Yappa, isn’t it?

Austin Healey Sprite Mk.I
© Sergey Kohl /stock.adobe.com

Speaking of cars and crabs, the first name that comes up is this Sprite Mk.I, “Frog Eye (frog’s eye)” in the UK home country, and “Bug’s Eye (Bug’s Eye)” in the United States, which was actively exported.・ It is also called “eyes. Insect eyes)”, and in Japan it is called “crab eyes”.

Although it was an old car from the beginning, the reprinted version sold by a company called Frog Eye Company in the 1990s is about to reach the level of an old car, and both are now rare cars.

If there is Mk.I, there are also Mk.II and later, but the design of Mk.II to IV has changed drastically, and it was also sold as a midget under the “MG” brand, and was also called a sprijet.

In Japan, Mk, II and later are not well known, and generally speaking, sprites are Mk.I of the crab eye.

Lotus / Caterham Seven (1957)

Not only the eyes, but also the arm and grill are crabs

Caterham Seven
© dave timms / stock.adobe.com

The Austin-Healey Sprite Mk.I is so “crab” that I wondered if there were enough crab cars to line up, let alone surpass it, but it was surprising.

Lotus was released in 1957, and after that the production and sales rights were transferred to Caterham (although there was a mess), and it is a super spartan and almost racing car lightweight sport that is still on sale, but it is more than I imagined from the front. It’s a crab.

The headlights are the protruding eyes, the front grille is the belly, and the bare and lacy suspension arm can only be seen on the crab’s legs.

I used to think it was a classic but cool sports car, but it’s ruined! If you think that, Sumimasen!

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JNR C11 steam locomotive No. 207 (1941, affectionate appearance)

Nicknamed the crab eyes, it is still active!

C11 No. 207 towing “SL Daiki” on the Tobu-Kinugawa Line
© Tozawa / stock.adobe.com

At the end, with a little playfulness of the author, one crab from a car other than a car.

It appeared as a compact and lightweight new generation steam locomotive (SL) that can be widely used from main lines to local branch lines, from limited express trains to freight trains, and is highly practical. The C11 type, which is often used in revival operation, has many dynamic storage machines due to its low maintenance and operation costs.

Among them, after being manufactured in 1941, the headlights that are normally placed in the center of the upper part of the tip for use on routes with a lot of fog are provided with stays on the upper part of the left and right smoke eliminators, and the left and right two lights are arranged. So, it is also called “crab eyes”.

After towing the SL Niseko on JR Hokkaido, it is now the towing machine for “SL Taiju” on the Tobu-Kinugawa Line of Tobu Railway, but this headlight arrangement is exactly “Caterham Seven in the SL world”!

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