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The body color of the car, which has an infinite lineup, is popular in Japan, white, black, and silver, which are convenient to ride anywhere, even at ceremonial occasions and formal occasions, and the purchase price is often high. Considering the individuality of the car, there are many cases where “there is a color that suits others!”

I would like to introduce “khaki”, which is originally close to dark ocher, but it is widely used as a khaki color in a broad sense because it is often used for military vehicles and military uniforms rather than an accurate definition of color. Introducing a car that suits the known “Olive Drab”.

Mitsubishi Jeep (1953, Olive Drab)

It ’s natural to look good because it ’s a “professional”

Self-Defense Forces version of Mitsubishi Jeep, old 1 / 2t truck (73 type light truck)

It was born as a light and sturdy small four-wheel drive truck that was inspired by German field vehicles during World War II, and is one of the driving forces that the Allied Forces won. It was widely used by both military and civilians after the war, and Mitsubishi acquired production rights in Japan.

At first, in Japan under the occupation of the Allied Forces, which was a forward base in the Korean War, it started because it wanted a factory to supply jeep to the UN forces, and it was also adopted by the National Police Reserve (currently the Ground Self-Defense Force), government offices and companies.・ Private demand for individuals has increased, and production will continue until 1998.

The Self-Defense Forces are also updating to the new model of the second generation Pajero base, but there are still active vehicles left.

Since it is a military vehicle that was originally a “gorigori’s main occupation”, there is no reason why olive drab does not suit, and although the OD color specified by the Ministry of Defense is not used as a genuine color for civilian use, there are vehicles that enthusiasts have painted independently.

Latest “Mitsubishi Jeep” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

76 units

Average price 152Ten thousand yen
Base price 350,000 to 3.54 million yen

Suzuki Jimny (4th generation, 2018, Jungle Green)

Speaking of one khaki color that matches the atmosphere and performance, this is

Suzuki Jimny (4th generation, current model)

Not only is it painted on the olive drab, but if it matches the appearance and performance, it will give momentum to the extraordinary feeling that you can taste, but it is a domestic car with a lineup of colors close to the olive drab, and the shape and performance are military. Speaking of vehicles, it would be the current Jimny / Jimny Sierra.

Although it was originally made in Japan as a mini car version of Jeep, it has toughness and rough road running performance comparable to the original Jeep from the prototype Hope Star ON 4WD era, and the overseas specification (Jimny Sierra in the current Japanese version) is actually It has also been adopted as a military vehicle in India and other countries.

The current Jimny body color also has a “jungle green” that is close to the olive drab, but it is unfamiliar in Japan, which is not used by the Self-Defense Forces, and it may seem like a military vehicle (the Self-Defense Forces version of the Pagero is too big). For use, Kawasaki’s ATV is used).

Latest “Jimny” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

5014 units

Average price 136 136Ten thousand yen
Base price 90-3.98 million yen

Daihatsu Taft (2nd generation, 2020, Forest Khaki Metallic)

Now the angular body inherited from the naked is like a sole

Daihatsu Taft (2nd generation, current model)

Jeep and Jimny, which are “gorigori’s professional specifications”, are certainly attractive, but Daihatsu’s light SUV Taft, or Daihatsu’s, is suitable for users who want it to be easier and just like that. It’s probably the naked that was sold over 20 years ago.

The first model sold in the past was a shape that looked like a jeep or a reduced version of 40 Land Cruiser, but the tuft and naked have a square design close to the current Jimny, but the mechanism and comfort are similar to the move of the light tall wagon.

The genuine body color close to olive drab is also available in the “Forest Khaki Metallic” lineup, which is perfect for users who want a “car like that”.

There is also a senior Suzuki Hustler in the same kind of car, but if anything, it is a car that suits pop and colorful body color.

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