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I want to go back to Japan by camper!

As my family has grown and my car Betty has become too small, I am spending my days with the delusion that “I want to make a camper next time.”

Next, I want to finish it to perfect specifications from the beginning!

So, I would like to take advantage of my experience of having a full-time van life for about two and a half years and summarize the equipment I am aiming for and interested in.

This cannot be removed!Next target car and car equipment

The first is which car to use as a camper.

The next thing I’m aiming for is a big car, and I’d like to convert a big car such as a bus, truck, fire engine, or military car into a camper …

Considering driving in Japan, is it about the size of a minibus? Would you like to make it even larger than a public bus? I’m worried. (The length of the car is about 8-12m)

And among them, vintage cars are attractive!

It seems that the rules differ from country to country, but vintage cars about 30 to 35 years ago are called’Veteran’, and some cars are assigned unusual black license plates.

Old cars that have a cute retro look and are fascinating, but old cars also have their own risks and special rules.

So I’m still wondering which car to use, but I can’t remove this as the equipment for the next car! I would like to pick up things.

At the same time, when choosing a car as a camper, I also write points that I want to think about.

4×4? Six-wheel drive? Eight drives?Want

Where are you going? What kind of van-dwelling style? It depends, but it is one of the equipment that you will surely want if you like to stay in the car in the nature.

When I actually found a nice van-dwelling spot, I encountered a lot of spots that said “I could have gone if it was a 4×4 …”, and I was disappointed.

If it is a 4×4, it is a reliable existence because it pushes forward bullishly on uneasy roads such as “Can I go here?”

A 4×4 car that can be used even in cold snowy areas is one of the equipment that the next camper wants.

I want to equip passenger seats

Sometimes I want to travel by car with my friends and family, so in addition to the driver’s seat, I also want a seat with a seatbelt that passengers can sit on while driving.

Driving rules for European camper passengers are complex and vary from country to country.

Even in Japan, passengers are required to wear seat belts while driving, so this is a must-have equipment.

If you have a seat with a seatbelt, you don’t have to worry about it, so this is also one of the must-have equipment.

Electric and diesel hybrid vehicle

I would like to see an electric car as equipment for the next car.

A car that runs on 100% electricity is likely to cause various inconveniences in continuing the car journey, so it is ideal to have a car that can switch between electric and diesel and can operate on both.

It seems that it is already popular in ordinary cars, but it seems that there are no campers, buses, trucks, etc. yet.

However, the electrification of campers is progressing, so I expect that such campers will be released soon.

However, since it will be the latest camper, the price will be amazing.

In the delusion, the next camper is a hybrid camper.

The driver’s seat and the living space are connected

Today’s campers have separate driver’s seats and living spaces.

This was quite inconvenient, and I repeatedly wondered how comfortable it would be if the driver’s seat and living space were connected.

For example, when you want to drink something while driving.

If it is not separated, you can easily take out the drink from the refrigerator etc., but if it is separated, you can not do anything unless you stop the car, get off and enter through the side door.

Next time I make a camper, I would like to make the driver’s seat and living space freely.

Security camera and alarm

Campers are also an important home.

I’ve had a car vandalism before, so I’d like to equip a security camera and an alarm.

Recently, there are items that can be managed with the app, and if there is an intruder while you are out, you will be notified and you can talk directly to the intruder over the screen.

It wasn’t very realistic until I was hit by a car vandalism, but I think it’s necessary to keep that in mind as it can happen.

・ Insulation material and FF heater (floor heating)
・ Large-capacity solar panel
・ Pop-up roof and ceiling chill field
・ Side awning

Is a must-have item that cannot be removed as standard equipment.

By the way, in winter, the daylight hours are short and the energy of the sun does not reach much, so we are planning to install a windmill as standard equipment.

Equipment aimed at in the living space

Next, I would like to look at the equipment I want in my living space.

The next camper wants to be a comfortable space like a real house, so I have a lot of equipment I want!

Among them, I would like to carefully select and pick up the equipment that cannot be removed.

I also want a toilet / shower and bathtub

Washing machine and dishwasher are essential equipment

Washing dishes while staying in the car is quite painful.

The dishwasher, which handles such painful work, is one of the equipment I would like to install in the next camper.

I think that having a dishwasher saves time and work and has only merit, so I definitely want to install it.

And a washing machine.

It is comfortable to be able to wash in the car whenever you want.

Double entrance for wood stove and cats

The wood-burning stove and the entrance are always talking, “I definitely want this!”

Whether or not a camper has a front door is a point that makes a big difference in comfort.

Even on rainy or snowy days, enter the car with wet shoes and take off your shoes at the entrance.

There is a wood stove at the entrance, and a hanger for hanging a jacket or coat is also at the entrance.

You can warm up immediately after returning, so it seems that you can spend comfortably even in cold weather.

And since there are a lot of cats in my house, I would like to double the entrance to prevent escape.

There is another door at the end of the area where you take off your shoes when you enter the entrance to the car.

It is dangerous if the cats come to the driver’s seat while driving, so I think it is essential to have a door that can be opened and closed between the driver’s seat and the entrance.

If you are traveling by car with your pet, I think it is quite convenient to have a double door at the entrance.

I also want to add a second door for cats.

And next to the entrance, I want to equip a wood-burning stove that warms the room comfortably.

If the camper has a wood stove, the inside of the car will warm up quickly, so if you equip both with an FF heater, you can spend it in extremely cold regions without worry.

Next to the stove, I want to create a small table and a place to sit down so that I can relax.

A large sofa and a large screen / otaku room that everyone can mess around with

A sofa space that is indispensable for enjoying relaxing time in the car comfortably.

Of course, it can also be used as a sofa bed.

I think that this space can be taken up in a big car, so it would be perfect if there was a big sofa where everyone could lie down and hang around.

And I would like to equip a large screen TV or projector that allows you to watch movies while rumbling from the sofa.

By the way, he equips the driver’s seat with various computers and screens, which can also be used as navigation while driving.“Otaku Room”I heard that I want to make.

Click here for various control panels such as the electrical system inside the car.

The image seems to be like the cockpit of an airplane, and it’s a hobby room where you can stay there and play games.

Man’s secret baseThere is a feeling and it is kind of nice.

There are other living spaces

・ Large sink
・ A counter table near the window where you can eat and work while looking out
・ A private room where you can stay alone when you want to be alone

There are many ideals that cannot be removed.

Outdoor equipment you want to load on the camper

Space to store outdoor gear and dirty items at the back of the car.

It is a pickup of outdoor equipment that you want to store there.

Outdoor equipment required for campers

First of all, I would like to collect outdoor equipment that is absolutely indispensable for traveling with a camper.

  • Active when going on a raging road such as a saw or ax
  • Repair tools Tools necessary for repairing cars and cars are also essential.
  • Barbecue table set is indispensable
  • Cloth leisure sheet Items that come in handy when enjoying the outdoors
  • Fishing rod For securing food
  • Hobby items such as surfboards and snowboards Make your car trip even more enjoyable
  • Pack craft and sap If you have a compact pack craft or sap, you can play on the water
  • Tent or sleeping bag Sometimes when you want to leave your car and camp

Other dirty items used outside, such as tires and spare parts, are stored here.

Transportation for kickboards, bicycles, miniature cars, etc.


It would be convenient if there was this! I often thought of kickboards, bicycles, or miniature cars.

When you want to go shopping while staying at a campsite, or when you park your car and go to a sightseeing spot.

Every time I go by car, I have to pack it before I leave, so it’s very difficult every time.

It is a convenient moving item in such a case, an item that you want to equip to the next camper.

The item I’m aiming for most isElectric kickboard..

It’s compact and easy to move, so I’m curious.

By the way, if it is a big camper, there is also a camper that stores a miniature car.

It was shocking when I first saw it, but it seems that it is possible to have a car inside a big car.

It is convenient to pack a lot of luggage when you go shopping if you have another miniature car, such as when you stay in one place for a long time.

However, even if it is a miniature car, it is big, so it is difficult to store it unless it is a fairly large car, but since there were people who are towing miniature cars with campers, it seems that they can be equipped if they feel like it.

Make your camper a real home

“What should the next camper look like?”

Coco puts this in here …

The time to delusion is exciting and very enjoyable, and my dreams grow more and more.

What kind of car trip do you want to do?

Think about the equipment you want to install while being excited and delusional.

It is recommended to simulate the day you spend in your car from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, as you will be able to see more detailed necessary equipment and desired items.

I’m sure you’ll be thrilled when you have a delusional camper with the equipment you’re aiming for!

If the inside of the car can be relaxed like a real house and it is a cozy space that you can think of as a big favorite, I think that you can have a very comfortable car trip life.

Why don’t you have fun and delusion while thinking about the items to equip the camper?

The more you enjoy the delusion, the closer it seems to be to reality!

Writer: Betty

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