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The front mask of a car is literally the “face” of the car, but these days, thin LED headlights and large plated grills are the mainstream, which is powerful, in other words, “face with ora”. There are also some “pachikuri faces” of round headlights that go against the mainstream.

However, the front mask has various parts such as turn signals, front grille, front bumper, etc. in the headlights, so if you want to add more expression, you should be able to do it.

This time, I chose the theme of “a car that looks like a smile”, but it is unexpectedly difficult for anyone to see a car that looks laughing, so what do you think of these three cars?

Honda S600 (1964) / S800 (1966)

Smile with a large front grille and bent bumper

Honda S800

There may be a minority of people who have such an image in the Eslok (S600) and Eshachi (S800), but it seems that there are many people who think that it is a fearless sports image, but these two are the first short-lived Honda sports that were put on the market. , “Smiling face” different from S500 (1963).

However, this is a sale from the manga “Restore Garage 251 Yumejiro Kuraya” (the author is Ryuji Tsugihara, who is also famous for “Yoroshiku Mechadock” etc.), and the original Eshachi “looks like a smile when viewed from the front” ( Yumejiro) Like that, I thought it would be true if I was told that.

If you have the opportunity to widen the front grille opening from the S500 and have the front bumper smile at the Eslok and Eshachi bent in the center, please face it from the front.

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Subaru Pleo Nicot (1st generation, 2005)

“Nikot” who smiles with a smile from the name

Is it also Pikachu in the automobile world?Subaru Pleo Nicot with a smiling face

The light tall wagon and Pleo of the era when Subaru was still producing its own light cars have two different faces, one is the European classic “Nesta” and the other is the soft line “Nikot”.

From the name, “Nikot because it looks like a smile”, so there is no car that is more suitable for the theme of “looks like a smile”, but the original design is the Subaru 360 reprint retro car exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show 1997. “Elten”.

The light tall wagon version “Elten Custom” exhibited in 1999 had a similar but dissimilar look, and in the end, the first Elten face was adopted for the Pleo Nicot.

I think the headlights are the eyes and the bumper opening is the mouth, but even if you think of the washer nozzle on the hood as the eyes and the front grille as the mouth, you will have a smiling face.

Latest “Pleo” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

256 units

Average price twenty fiveTen thousand yen
Base price 20,000 to 780,000 yen

Nissan Juke (1st generation, 2010)

There is such a smiling character in the fantasy manga based on the light novel.

Unfortunately, the second generation is the Nissan Juke (first generation), which has not been released in Japan.

The round bumper lamp, which looks like a fog lamp at first glance, is the headlight, and the small lamp and winker that hangs thinly and thinly on the fender is a coupe SUV with a very unique look in the history of Japanese cars.

In the Japanese market, it is expected that there is no future for coupe SUVs other than compact cars (which are difficult to set for light SUVs), the second generation is not sold in Japan, but once you see it, it exists with an unforgettable front mask The feeling is strong, and the evaluation is gusset by people.

However, if you look at it from the front while thinking about various perspectives, you can think of it as a smile of a monster such as the “orc” in the fantasy world, or a demon who is similar to a human except that the head is similar to an animal. Readers (often reincarnated) may agree, “I see!”

Latest “Juke” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

1336 units

Average price 88Ten thousand yen
Base price 100 to 2.45 million yen

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