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What kind of car is Suzuki Jimny Sierra?

Suzuki 3rd generation Jimny Sierra JC front
Grade: JC
Suzuki 3rd generation Jimny Sierra JL rear
Grade: JL

Jimny Sierra is a regular car specification of Jimny which is a light car, and this Sierra is sold as a standard Jimny overseas where there is no light car standard.

The models are divided into JC and JL, and although the equipment is slightly different, there is no difference in basic performance such as a 1500cc engine and a mission with an auxiliary transmission.

Suzuki 3rd generation Jimny Sierra JL (MT car) Driver's seat
Grade: JL (MT car)
Suzuki 3rd generation Jimny Sierra JL (MT car) Interior
Grade: JL (MT car)

Since Jimny is the basis, the structure as a full-scale cross-country is the same. There are many SUV models in the same class, such as Daihatsu Rocky, Toyota Raize, and Yaris Cross, but Jimny Sierra is characterized by its outstandingly high ability to run on rough roads.

It changed to a rounded design with each model change, but now it has revived the old-fashioned angular image. With advanced safety equipment and the generation of electronic parts, the basic engine performance has also improved.

The design of the meter has also followed the past, and has been changed to one that creates a feeling of excitement from the predecessor.

Only Jimny and Jimny Sierra boast full-scale cross-country-like equipment such as an auxiliary transmission, rudder frame, rigid axle suspension, and new brake LSD traction control.

Auto light standard equipment & idling stop system setting for 4-speed AT vehicles in September 2021

Due to some improvements implemented in September 2021, the auto light system is standard equipment on all vehicles, and the 4-speed AT vehicle is equipped with an idling stop system (only when driving in 2WD) that operates when the vehicle is stopped.

Recommended grade

Suzuki 3rd generation Jimny Sierra driving image

Jimny Sierra grade composition and vehicle price

The Jimny Sierra grades (excluding special edition cars) sold as of May 2021 are shown in the table below.

Grade name Vehicle price (tax included)
JL From 1,793,000 yen
JC From 1,958,000 yen

“JL” has standard equipment and functions, and “JC” has an upgraded interior.

Suzuki 3rd generation Jimny Sierra JC (AT car) Driver's seat
Grade: JC (AT car)
Suzuki 3rd generation Jimny Sierra JC (AT car) Interior
Grade: JC (AT car)

Jimny Sierra has only 2 grades. Since standard equipment and functions are available, select “JC” if interior upgrades such as genuine leather-wrapped steering and plated decoration, and LED headlamps with auto-leveling mechanism and door mirrors with LED side turn lamps are attractive. Let’s go.

The price difference with JL is 165,000 yen. If you include various expenses, it will definitely exceed 2 million yen, but if you find such equipment attractive, I recommend it.

Jimny Sierra’s interior and exterior are reported by Mii Parkingu!

All 11 body colors

Suzuki 3rd generation Jimny Sierra body color list image

Jimny Sierra has a total of 11 body color lineups, 8 monotone colors for “JL” and 3 two-tone colors for “JC”.

Black, white, and silver pearls and metallic colors have higher valuations, but colors that match the image of off-roaders such as “Jungle Green” and “Chiffon Ivory Metallic” are also popular.


Color name Color code
Kinetic yellow (ZZB)
Chiffon ivory metallic (ZVG)
Blisk blue metallic (ZWY)
Medium gray (ZVL)
Blueish Black Pearl 3 (ZJ3)
Jungle green (ZZC)
Silky silver metallic (Z2S)
Pure white pearl
* JC only
* JL only

Two tone

Color name Color code
Kinetic yellow
Black two-tone roof
Chiffon ivory metallic
Black two-tone roof
Blisk blue metallic
Black two-tone roof

Suzuki Jimny Sierra specs

Suzuki 3rd generation Jimny Sierra driving image

Body size

full length 3,550mm
Full width 1,645mm
Overall height 1,730mm
Wheelbase 2,250mm
Vehicle weight 1,070-1,090kg
Riding capacity 4 people

Jimny Sierra has a larger overall length and width than Jimny, and the overall height is slightly higher in Jimny Sierra.

The wheelbase is the same as Jimny, but the tread that shows the distance between the left and right wheels is wider in Jimny Sierra, and the car body has a lot of tension.

However, since the size of the room is almost the same, there is almost no difference in the comfort and usability of the room between Jimny Sierra and Jimny.

Power train

The big difference between Jimny Sierra and Jimny is the engine. Jimny, a mini car, has a 658cc engine, but Jimny Sierra has a 1.5L engine.

By installing a 1.5L engine with a larger displacement than Jimny, Jimny Sierra has become able to run powerfully with plenty of room.

However, it should be noted that Jimny Sierra is a regular car, so the car tax and highway toll will be higher than Jimny.

Successive models

Jimny 8: SJ20 (1977-1982)

Suzuki Jimny 8 Front
Jimny 8

The first was sold as Jimny 8 instead of Sierra. The 4-cycle 800cc engine to be installed is an export specification engine, and it is known as a model that was sold to the domestic market.

Other than that, there are specifications of styles that are not often seen now, such as Jimny of truck specifications, and it is a coveted model.

Jimny 1000/1300: SJ40 / JA51 (1982-1988)

Suzuki Jimny 1000 Front
Jimny 1000

The second generation will have a larger displacement of 1000cc. There is also a truck specification here, but it seems that sales were not good, and if it is genuine, it is an extremely rare one.

Other than that, being a little big Jimny is still the same as it used to be. It is still equipped with Jimny’s wide tires and a large displacement engine.

Suzuki Jimny 1300 Front
Jimny 1300

After that, as Jimny 1300, it appeared as a model equipped with the engine of Suzuki’s compact car, Cultus at that time.

[First generation]Jimny Sierra: JB31 / JB32 (1993-1998)

Suzuki first Jimny Sierra front

The third generation is the first generation of Jimny Sierra.

Sierra is an Australian name based on the North American samurai and has been added as a subname in Japan.

However, the concept remains the same, and the fans were able to accept it without any discomfort.

Suzuki Jimny 1300 Sierra Front
Jimny 1300 Sierra (1995)

In 1995, it was transferred to the JB32 type and released as the Jimny 1300 Sierra.

Although it is the same 1300cc as the first period, it is one with improved output due to the 4-valve design. Although it is a model that has evolved orthodoxly, Jimny, which inherits the old-fashioned atmosphere as it is, has the same finish.

[2nd generation]Jimny Wide / Jimny Sierra: JB33 / JB43 (1998-2018)

Suzuki Jimny Wide Front
Jimny Wide (1998)
Sold as Jimny Sierra from 2002

The car name returned to Jimny Wide again and changed from SOHC to DOHC. It is one that was designed to run smoothly on the road and powerfully on the off road.

Other than that, it has the same specifications as Jimny, and the good point of Sierra is that it keeps the same style as it used to be.

The car name returned to Jimny Sierra from 2002, and the engine installed will be the same engine as the Swift and Wagon R Solio at that time.

Due to the long production period, there were many changes in specifications, and the computerization was gradually progressing, such as installing an anti-skid device and traction control.

Latest “Jimny Sierra” used car information

Today’s stock quantity

473 units

Average price 253Ten thousand yen
Base price 310,000-4,260,000 yen

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