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What is an oil element?

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An oil element is a filter that removes dirt from engine oil.-It is. I try not to circulate dirty engine oil in the engine again.

If the oil element becomes clogged, the dirt on the engine oil cannot be removed and the engine itself becomes dirty.

The oil element is used in all cars equipped with an engine and is a part that must be replaced regularly.It is common to change the oil element once every time the engine oil is changed twice.

What is the difference from the oil filter?

The oil element is a part that is also called an oil filter, but it is the same even if the name is different.

Strictly speaking, the filter paper contained in the oil filter is called an “element”, but most people call it an “oil element” as the meaning of an oil filter.

I get the impression that more mechanics call it an oil element than an oil filter. In this article, we will unify the names and call them oil elements.

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