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Nowadays, it is a sedan that seems to be pushed by minivans and light cars that are popular with families, but if you turn it over, it may be said that it is no longer a utility vehicle for the masses, but a luxury car. There are various types of sedans such as sports sedans and 5-door models, and if you are looking for a different car, the sedan may be one of your options. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the sedan of the current car.

Domestic car / imported car sedan popularity ranking

What are the characteristics of sedans?

A major feature of the sedan would be that it is a “three-box” style car divided into an engine room, a living space and a trunk room. It is basically a 4-door type. Imported cars are called “Saloon” or “Quattroporte”.

luxuryThere is

Sedan is still listed as the flagship model of the world’s automobile manufacturers. Although it is different from the image of a domestic car, it is still popular as a model that gives you a sense of luxury and dignity.

High exercise performance and body rigidity

A sedan with a low ride height has a low center of gravity and excellent stability, so it can be said that it has high cornering performance. It is less affected by the wind due to the shape of the body, and has a sense of stability and excellent ride comfort.

Since a large engine space can be secured, it is possible to install a high-performance engine. Therefore, many sports sedans, which are cars with high sports performance that can enjoy powerful acceleration power, have been born.

In addition, since the frame structure is divided into three parts, the engine and trunk room play a role in protecting the living space, and it demonstrates high rigidity in the event of a collision from the front and back.

High quietness

Since the living space and the trunk room are separate, it can be said that it is a model with high noise resistance and quietness. Another characteristic is that you don’t really care about the wind noise on the highway.

Practicality regardless of parking lot

It may be said that the low vehicle height has unexpected benefits. Parking is possible even in the mechanical parking lots that are often found in urban areas. Recently, there are many light cars such as minivans that are tall and choose a parking lot, but sedans can be parked in most parking lots.

Is it a little less convenient?

The low ride height may feel cramped due to the tightness of the head clearance. The beautiful body shape does not seem to be practical in modern times. In addition, it is difficult to get on and off, and it is not possible to move inside the car, which is one of the points that is far from convenience.

Sedan type and body size

The body size of sedans can be roughly divided into three types.

  • LL size: A big sedan with a total length of 5,000 mm or more.Toyota Mirai and BMW 7 Series
  • L size: A size with a total length of 4,700 to 5,000 mm.Nissan Skyline and Toyota Crown
  • M size: 5 number size with a total length of less than 4,700 mm. Toyota Prius and Mazda MAZDA3
  • S size: Compact size with a total length of 4,500 mm or less.Toyota Corolla

Let’s introduce the recommended sedans from domestic and imported cars in the ranking.

15th place Subaru Impreza G4

The Impreza, which has been the fifth generation of the current car since 2016, is famous for the WRX that participated in the “WRC (World Rally Championship)” from the first generation to the third generation. After becoming independent as the Subaru WRX in the 4th generation, two models, the G4 4-door sedan and the 5-door hatchback, were set from the 5th generation.

Although it is a medium-sized sedan, it has a wide overall width and a wide size, and it has a larger interior than the same 5 number size sedan. Subaru’s original “horizontally opposed engine BOXER” is condensed on the front face, and the hexagonal hexagon contains “Mutsuraboshi” which represents Subaru. Well-balanced driving performance can be said to be unique to Subaru.

Latest “Impreza G4” used car information

Today’s inventory

346 units

Average price 114 114Ten thousand yen
Base price 22 to 2.48 million yen

14th place Nissan Skyline

The first generation of the Skyline, which can be said to be a famous car, was born in 1957. It is one that has been the driving force behind domestic sports sedans. In particular, the GT-R grade, which has continued to play an active role in motor sports, is unique. After the 11th generation, which was born in 2001 after the emission regulations, the “R” using the model was changed to the “V” derived from the VQ engine, and export to overseas started.

In 2013, we will reach the current 13th generation, and in 2019 we will adopt the world’s first “Direct Adaptive Steering”. The sharp and smooth steering movement is replaced with an electric signal to achieve excellent steering stability and responsiveness. It is a finish that allows you to enjoy the dynamic driving performance that inherits the long nose and short deck.

Latest “Skyline” used car information

Today’s inventory

1382 units

Average price 293Ten thousand yen
Base price 11-39.8 million yen

13th place Peugeot 508

When the first generation was born in 2011, it was a 3-box style orthodox sedan, but with a full model change in 2018, it was changed to a fastback style that shines with a relaxed design of 5 doors. It is a sporty design with the roofline gently sloping toward the rear.

The innovative front mask is decorated with LED lights reminiscent of Peugeot’s unique lion fangs. The rear combination lamp is also characteristic. Peugeot’s only sedan, the 508, is a flagship sedan with a unique worldview.

Latest “508” used car information

Today’s inventory

208 units

Average price 347Ten thousand yen
Base price 35.5 to 5.98 million yen

12th place Honda Legend

The first Honda flagship sedan was born in 1985. Production was discontinued in 2012, and it was revived as a hybrid-only car from 2014. It was popular for its luxurious style and driving performance. It is the first in Japan to be equipped with an “SRS airbag” and the first FF vehicle to be equipped with traction control.

In addition, we have achieved the world’s first “equipped with a 3-motor hybrid” and the automatic driving function “level 3” in 2021. Further development of Level 2 mainly for drivers. It is expected that the system will support more parts. Production ended in January 2022, but it can be said that this is a must-see unit that brings together Honda’s technologies.

Latest “Legend” used car information

Today’s inventory

150 units

Average price 186Ten thousand yen
Base price 180 to 5.98 million yen

11th place Toyota Camry

The Camry is a hybrid-only middle-class sedan equipped with the latest technology, and has long been popular not only in Japan but also in North America. The sporty exterior and sophisticated interior create a high-quality image. It can be said that it is also characterized by the enhancement of highly convenient connected services and the high functionality of audio and displays.

Three grades are set, the entry grade “X” and the exterior “G” with an increased sense of quality. And there is “WS” which is a sports specification. The impression of the exterior is also very different, and the driving performance of the suspension is also different, so it is one of the nice features for car lovers to be able to select the grade from that point.

Latest “Camry” used car information

Today’s inventory

6 units

Average price 243Ten thousand yen
Base price 109-4.85 million yen

No. 10 Mazda MAZDA6

The MAZDA6, the successor to the Capella, was renamed the MAZDA6 with the unification of the 2019 global name. A sedan and a station wagon are available, and the sedan has a design that emphasizes the low center of gravity and emphasizes a relaxed and beautiful dignity. It also has a good reputation for its luxurious interior, creating a chic and calm space.

Speaking of sedans, it is the performance of the rear seats, but the MAZDA6, which can be said to be a sports sedan, embodies Mazda’s “Jinba Ittai” running performance. It may be said that the part that pursued the fun of running is also big. It is the only premium sedan that is particular about Mazda’s unique driving performance.

Latest “MAZDA6 sedan” used car information

Today’s inventory

18 units

Average price 282Ten thousand yen
Base price 1.68-3.48 million yen

9th place Volkswagen Arteon

The Arteon is positioned as a successor model to the CC set in the Passat series, but it can be said that it is a relatively new car that was born in 2017 as a high-end model of the Passat. A coupe-like vehicle height and a laid-back fastback are used. It is a specialty car that combines the comfort and functionality of a sedan with sportiness.

A minor change was made in July 2021, and the front face and rear have been changed. The body is about 45mm longer than the current Passat, emphasizing a more relaxed design. It can be said that it is an orthodox sedan that combines the comfort of a sedan with good driving performance.

Latest “Arteon” used car information

Today’s inventory

125 units

Average price 386Ten thousand yen
Base price 2.6-4.97 million yen

8th place Lexus IS

Until the birth of Lexus in Japan, it was sold as Altezza by Toyota. The first IS was in 1999, and it is a middle-sized sports sedan that has been lined up for many years. Currently, it is the third generation that was fully remodeled in 2013.

Improvements have been made in 2021, and the wide and low proportions may be glamorous and lively. With a lineup of turbos and hybrids, it is one of the few sedans that allows you to enjoy a sophisticated ride.

Latest “IS” used car information

Today’s inventory

1111 units

Average price 208Ten thousand yen
Base price 250,000-7.98 million yen

7th place Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Model 3 is a mid-sized sedan that is lined up in EV cars sold by Tesla. Like the other models, the icon is a clean front mask with no grill on the short deck. For the interior, the “Vegan Interior”, which is famous for eliminating all animal skins, has been adopted.

In addition to the steering, only a 15-inch monitor screen is equipped in the room, which is said to be the ultimate in simplicity. All operations will be done on the monitor. It seems that the long cruising range is gaining popularity among EV cars. You will be able to enjoy the linear and pleasant acceleration that is unique to EVs, which is comparable to mid-engined sports cars.

Latest “Model 3” used car information

Today’s inventory

14 units

Average price 556Ten thousand yen
Base price 433-7.78 million yen

Lexus ES

The ES lineup from the beginning of the Lexus brand is a middle-sized sedan. With the 7th generation from 2018, it is becoming more and more popular as a high-end sedan with practicality. ES refers to the “Executive Sedan”, and it can be said that the spacious interior and comfortable driving performance are attractive.

Although it is a large body size among middle sedans, it has a beautiful body line with a flowing line. By adopting FF (front wheel drive) in the interior, space is created in the space under your feet. Although it is set only for the hybrid system, you can experience the slippery acceleration feeling from the low speed range.

Latest “ES” used car information

Today’s inventory

175 units

Average price 537Ten thousand yen
Base price 369-7.68 million yen

Lexus LS

@ Santi Rodríguez/

Lexus’ flagship model, the LS, literally means “Luxury Sedan.” It is a model that was sold as Toyota Celsior until 2006. Equipped with high quality equipment and performance, we are celebrating the 5th generation from 2017. A minor change was made in November 2021 and a 4-door coupe was incorporated into the exterior.

The interior decoration that incorporates Japanese aesthetics in a modern way is called “Moon Road”, and platinum foil is used for the first time. In terms of driving performance, “advanced drive” realizes comfortable driving with advanced driving support technology. It enables people and cars to drive safely while complementing each other’s abilities.

Latest “LS” used car information

Today’s inventory

1584 units

Average price 339Ten thousand yen
Base price 300 to 17.68 million yen

4th place Toyota Crown

It is expected that the Crown, which has been on sale since 1955, will change recently, but it is a sedan with a long history that is now in its 15th generation. In the past, coupe and wagon were also lined up, but it is also the existence that has been leading domestic luxury cars as an orthodox sedan.

I feel the power in the relaxed design unique to the sedan, but it can be said that the long nose and sportiness are also added. You can experience the driving performance of the “Nürburgring” on the north course, which is a high-quality car that is soft yet responsive. It is a sedan that has the joy of driving.

Latest “Crown” used car information

Today’s inventory

118 units

Average price 118Ten thousand yen
Base price 230,000-4,380,000 yen

3rd place Mercedes-Benz E-class

It is the core model of Mercedes, and in addition to sedans, it has a lineup of station wagons, coupes, cabriolets, etc. Since the full model change in 2016, it has become the current model and is the fifth generation of the E class.

Since the body size is not as large as the S class, it is easy to handle even in Japan, and it can be said that it is a model that can be enjoyed more luxuriously than the C class with improved sports performance. With a wide range of grades and options, it is one of the pleasures to be able to finish the E class to your liking.

Latest “E class” used car information

Today’s inventory

968 units

Average price 306Ten thousand yen
Base price 260 to 12.58 million yen

2nd place Audi A4

@ Jan Kliment /

The A4, which was born in 1995, has undergone a full model change in 2015 and is currently in its fifth generation. In 2020, the exterior has undergone major improvements comparable to a full model change. The wide single frame grille and headlights have been redesigned. Even in luxury, you can feel the sharp design of the sedan.

The interior is spacious and spacious, and the rear seats are more comfortable than rival cars. The luggage opening is also large enough. With a lighter body and improved acceleration performance, you can achieve perfect driving performance.

Latest “A4” used car information

Today’s inventory

354 units

Average price 216Ten thousand yen
Base price 100-5.9 million yen

# 1 BMW 3 Series

The 3 Series, which is popular as a small sedan not only in Germany but also in Japan, is a model that plays a central role in BMW. The first generation was born in 1975, and the current car, which underwent a full model change in 2019, is celebrating its seventh generation. One of the attractions is that it has a large living space while having a tight design as a sports sedan.

The characteristic “Kidney Grill” of BMW is an icon that has been used since the 1930s, and you can tell at a glance that it is BMW. It may be said that the most popular thing is that the style of the orthodox sedan is not changed to the historical personality and the evolution according to the times is added. The body with a simple surface structure has excellent aerodynamics and emphasizes driving performance.

Looking at it in this way, you can see that there are still many lineups of stylish sedans with a luxurious atmosphere. It may be fun to experience a slightly different atmosphere from today’s popular cars.

Latest “3 Series” used car information

Today’s inventory

77 units

Average price 205Ten thousand yen
Base price 290 to 6.88 million yen

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