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Various body colors are set for cars, especially for sports, young people, women’s cars, special specification cars with some theme, cars of manufacturers whose image color is decided, a vivid impression. The color to be left is set, and it is memorized as “the image of that car is this color”.

This time, I chose some “cars that look good in blue” from the cars that look good in such a specific body color.

AC Cobra (1962)

Especially the model with Carroll Shelby’s hands looks good with a blue body

AC Cobra 427
flickr.com Author: Alexandre Prevot CC BY-SA 2.0

Based on the “Ace” of AC Cars, a small British manufacturer, it is equipped with an American large displacement V8 engine at the suggestion of former American racer Carroll Shelby, a unique British-American mixed blood muscle open sport also called Shelby Cobra. ..

Especially famous is the AC Cobra 427, which has a 427 cubic inch (7,000cc) V8 engine, and the combination of a lightweight body with a power of up to 500 horsepower is dangerous but boasts tremendous acceleration and maximum speed.

Since the original car is an English car, there are various body colors such as British green, but the dark blue that seems to reflect the bright sunlight of California looks good.

Alpine A110 (1st generation, 1963)

If it’s a blue car, a French blue French car is indispensable

Alpine A110 at Round 6 Saint-Remorry in 1973, when he became the first WRC champion

When it comes to “cars that look good in blue”, French cars with blue national colors (white in Japan) are indispensable, and the blue body color of old popular cars fades nicely and becomes a messy light blue. The appearance is irresistible (who is it? What is a poly bucket?).

Alpine A110, the first champion of the WRC, started in 1973 as one of the representative cars that often blows the French blue wind in motor sports and brings the crown to France.

While some French cars are not allowed to use French blue for various reasons such as sponsorship, the remarkable performance of the A110 has been handed down to posterity, and in 2017, a new A110 was introduced by self-remake.

Latest “Alpine A110” used car information

Today’s inventory

16 units

Average price 749Ten thousand yen
Base price 648-8.78 million yen

Subaru Impreza WRX (1st generation, 1992)

WRC glory with WR blue

Subaru Impreza WRX © STI in the Group A era, running hard at the 1994 WRC Round 9 Rallye Sanremo

Speaking of domestically produced cars that look good in blue body color, Subaru wears a yellow logo on the blue of BAT (British American Tobacco)’s flagship brand 555, a sponsor from the first Legacy at WRC, and especially the glory of the Impreza WRX’s great success. From the history of, I continued to use blue a lot.

However, surprisingly, the early Impreza WRX does not have a bluish body color including the STi version (STi instead of STI at that time), and it is a special color that sports blue is set for the first time in the limited model STi version II 555.

Later, it was set normally as Sonic Blue, and it has changed slightly from the 2nd generation Impreza WRX to WR Blue Mica and the current WR Blue Pearl.

Latest “Impreza WRX” used car information

Today’s inventory

58 units

Average price 152Ten thousand yen
Base price 42-4.8 million yen

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