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In recent years, with the spread of anime and manga culture, more and more people are making “itasha” with character designs on the car body and decorating character goods inside the car.

However, it seems that some people say that if you put your favorite character goods on the dashboard around the driver’s seat or passenger’s seat, it will be regarded as “poor visibility” and the violation will be cracked down.

Is it really a violation if I drive with the character goods on the dashboard?

It is wise not to put character goods etc. on the dashboard

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In conclusion, if you drive a car with your character goods on the dashboard, you are likely to be cracked down.

The “Road Traffic Law” established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism stipulates violation points and penalties based on Article 55, Paragraph 2 “Method of boarding or loading”.

According to this, if the driver cannot check the surrounding situation or interferes with the operation of the steering wheel and other devices, there are cases where police are cracked down for violations.

For example, if you attach a curtain to a window glass or place the LCD screen of a TV on the dashboard, you will not be able to see the front or side view, and you will neglect the safety confirmation.

Similarly, placing character goods on the dashboard may fall under Article 55, Paragraph 2 of the Road Traffic Act.

If you commit a violation and are cracked down by the police, you will be charged one violation point and you will have to pay a penalty of 6,000 yen for regular cars and 7,000 yen for medium and large cars.

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In some cases, if you leave something on the dashboard, you will be refused the vehicle inspection at the dealer.

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In addition to committing violations, it seems that there are cases where car dealers refuse to carry out vehicle inspections and maintenance when things are left on the dashboard. We talked to an active mechanic who is in charge of maintenance and repair at a car dealer.

“When you have an automobile inspection at our shop, if there are any items on the dashboard, we tell you to take them out of the car in advance and then come to the shop on the day of the automobile inspection.

The reason is that we cannot be held responsible if the item is lost. Of course, you may be caught in a violation of the Road Traffic Act while driving, but it is also possible that your item may be lost during maintenance at the dealer.

If you move something from the dashboard to another location during servicing, it’s possible that your cherished accessories and character goods may be lost somewhere.

We are not responsible for this, so we will talk to you when making an estimate before the vehicle inspection. We are receiving maintenance of the car based on the relationship of trust with our customers, so we would like to avoid troubles in every detail. “

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Losing goods can lead to trouble with the dealer, so be careful not to leave valuables in the car when you leave your car for inspection.

Also, displaying figures and stuffed animals on the dashboard can be a violation, so it seems necessary to review how to use it before it becomes a traffic violation or trouble.

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