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Details of the new Sienta revealed!

Current Sienta

Sienta is planning a full model change soon, but I got information about the new model.

The appearance, vehicle price, detailed release date, etc. are unknown, but it is quite detailed, so if you are considering purchasing it, we would appreciate it if you could refer to it.

The new Sienta will change like this!Major changes

Improves comfort while maintaining 5 number size

The new Noah & Voxy has some 3 numbers, but Sienta continues to maintain the 5 number size. It meets the needs of users who need a compact minivan.

With the TNGA platform, the overall width remains unchanged at 1,695 mm, and the overall height and indoor height are 20 mm larger than the current one. Despite this, the height of boarding from the ground is maintained at 330 mm, improving the ease of getting on and off.

In addition, the overall height and seat slides have been improved to improve the comfort of the second row. Furthermore, by expanding the space in front of the knees in the second row by 80 mm, it seems that it will be a spacious interior space with plenty of room even if you stretch your legs.

By setting the minimum turning radius from 5.2m to 5.0m, it is expected that the model will have a smaller turning radius than ever before and will be a model with excellent maneuverability.

You can choose between 2-row and 3-row specifications from the beginning.

Current Sienta 3-row seat specifications

The new Sienta adopts both 2-row and 3-row specifications as in the previous generation. In the previous generation, the two-row specification was introduced late, but in the new model, both can be selected from the beginning. In addition, the name “Fan Base” that was attached to the 2-row seat specifications will be abolished.

The second row specification has a large luggage space and supports active usage.

The same dive-in method as the predecessor is continuously adopted for the storage method of the third row seats. Since the 3rd row seats can be stowed under the 2nd row seats, the same luggage space as the 2nd row can be created.

Wheelchair specifications are newly set, and it can be retrofitted!

This time, a new welfare vehicle “Welcab” that can be used by wheelchair users will be set up.

This well cab specification is different from the past, and it can be retroactively set. You will be able to replace the passenger seat with a “turn tilt seat”. This is surprising because it is compatible with the Sienta currently on sale.

However, the wheelchair specification will not be sold at the beginning of the release, and it seems that it will be released a little later.

There are 3 grades

There are three grades of the new Sienta, “X”, “G” and “Z”. X is the entry grade and Z is the high-end grade.

In addition, gasoline cars and hybrid cars are available for all grades. The drive system can be selected from 2WD only for gasoline-powered vehicles and 2WD and 4WD (E-Four) for hybrid vehicles. The powertrain will be explained again later in the article.

Many earth tones are used for the interior and exterior colors

New aqua urban khaki

The colors set for the interior and exterior are often pale, such as the earth tones that have become popular in recent years. I can’t see the crisp primary colors, and it seems that I’m trying to create a warm atmosphere.

The catalog color is “Urban Khaki (see the image above)” used in the new Aqua and RAV4.

All 10 body colors

Body color name Color code
monotone Urban khaki 6X3
beige 4V6
White pearl 070
black 202 202
Dark gray 1L7
Grayish blue 8W2
Scarlet metallic 3U4
Super White II 040
2 tones Dark gray ×
Scarlet metallic
Dark gray ×
Grayish blue

There are two paid colors, white pearl and scarlet metallic. Super White II is set only for wheelchair specifications.

All three interior colors

Interior color name Target grade
black all
khaki G, Z
Fromage Z

As the grade goes up, the number of interior colors that can be selected will increase. You can select only black for entry grade X, black and khaki for G, and all for Z.

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