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Subaru announced a partially improved model of the new “SUBARU BRZ” on May 26, 2022.

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Subaru new “SUBARU BRZ” partially improved model

In some improved models, the operability of the lighting switch has been reviewed, and the vehicle side light / tail light & OFF has been changed from 1 position to 2 positions by separating the vehicle side light / tail light and OFF.

About the second generation new BRZ

Subaru will make a full model change of the new “BRZ” and announce and release it in Japan on July 29, 2021.The new “GR 86” will also undergo a full model change.The predecessor model was released on March 28, 2012, and it will be fully remodeled in 9 years.Will be. The “BRZ” is a sports car jointly developed by Subaru with Toyota. Under the Toyota brand, it will be sold as a brother car, the Toyota “86,” and both cars will be produced at the main factory of Fuji Heavy Industries Gunma Seisakusho.

Due to the alliance between Toyota and BMW, Toyota released the new “Supra” and BMW released the new “Z4” on March 25, 2019, which is also a sports car jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru. Although it was rumored that there would be no development of the next model of “BRZ” … Fuji Heavy Industries (SUBARU Corporation) was purchased by Toyota Motor Corporation from 2005 to the present and is the largest shareholder, Fuji Heavy Industries and Toyota. It has been agreed that the automobile will cooperate. It seems that the development is still going on as it is engaged in cost reduction by exchanging development departments with Toyota Motor Corporation and Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Toyota) and standardizing parts. Mr. Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, the president of Fuji Heavy Industries (SUBARU Corporation), revealed in an interview that there is no idea that BRZ will end in one generation. The “86” and “BRZ” are also popular as affordable sports cars, and the development of new models will help improve the corporate image of both companies. The exterior is a keep concept, and the engine etc. will run up a new model.

The new “BRZ”, which is a keep concept, adopts a more curved bodywork than the old model, with different bumpers and bonnets at the front end, wide fenders, and of course new headlights. A set of rear spoiler integrated into the boots and the latest LED headlights. A set of twin exhaust pipes and wide hip fenders. Incorporating the know-how gained from the development of the Subaru Global Platform, we have also adopted an inner frame structure and structural adhesives. The front lateral bending rigidity has been significantly improved by about 60% and the torsional rigidity by about 50% compared to the first model. Lightweight aluminum is used for the roof, hood, and front fender. Improves exercise performance by optimizing the front, rear, left and right weight and further lowering the center of gravity. Vehicles equipped with 18-inch aluminum wheels are equipped with 215 / 40R18 Michelin pilot sports tires.

2nd generation new BRZ full model change exterior

The lower and wider hexagon grille insists on a low center of gravity, and the core that starts from the grille and continues to the rear expresses the strength of the trunk. The narrowed-down cabin and the dynamic inflection of the powerfully overhanging fenders raised expectations for sports car-like driving.

2nd generation new BRZ full model change interior

A simple horizontal instrument panel and a low meter visor ensure a wide field of view. Providing an indoor space where you can concentrate and enjoy driving. The interior uses a digital meter that combines a 7-inch TFT LCD panel and a segment LCD panel.

2nd generation new BRZ full model change engine?

A new naturally-sucked 2.4L horizontally-opposed 4-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 228HP / 7,000rpm and a maximum torque of 184lb-ft with a standard 6-speed MT or 6-speed AT transmission available. The torque has been improved by 15% compared to the previous model. For AT-equipped vehicles, SPORT mode control has evolved. When it is determined that the car is driving in sports, the optimum shift operation is automatically performed according to the driver’s intention and operation, enabling more direct cornering.

About the new BRZ specs

spec New BRZ
full length 4,265mm
Full width 1,775mm
Overall height 1,310 mm
Wheelbase 2,575mm
engine 2.4L horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engine
+ Port fuel injection device
Maximum output 173kW (235ps) /
7,000 rpm
Maximum torque 250Nm (25.5kgm) /
3,700 rpm
transmission 6-speed MT / 6-speed AT
Drive system FR
WLTC mode fuel economy 11.7-12.0km / L

New BRZ Price Grade

model engine Trance
Price (10%)
Cup Car Basic 2.4L horizontally opposed
4-cylinder engine
6-speed MT 2WD (FR) 3,338,500 yen
R 6-speed MT 3,080,000 yen
6-speed AT 3,2450,00 yen
S 6-speed MT 3,267,000 yen
6-speed AT 3,432,000 yen

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