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  • [First Step WGN]1996-2001
  • [2nd generation Step WGN]2001-2005
  • [3rd generation Step WGN]2005-2009
  • [4th generation Step WGN]2009-2015
  • [5th ​​generation Step WGN]2015-2021
  • [6th generation / current model]2022 ~
  • What is your favorite Step WGN?

[First Step WGN]1996-2001

First Step WGN

At the time of debut, it was a time when it was more appropriate to call it “1BOX” instead of “minivan”. After the debut of the first Step WGN, the word “minivan” gradually took root.

At that time, the “1BOX” was called a cab-over type, with an engine under the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat (the engine under the butt. When changing oil, the seat was flipped up for maintenance). It was all rear-wheel drive FR.

The Step WGN will debut with an FF layout in which the engine is placed in the same bonnet as the sedan.

The rival new minivans that debuted after that became a type with a bonnet of FF layout one after another, but this is not just a copy of the Step WGN, but an improvement in collision safety and a certain size or more at the front later. It can be said that the influence of the background of the regulation that has to have the bonnet of is more.

That said, Honda must have been the leading model in the automobile industry.

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Minor change in May 1999. The headlights have been changed to vertical 4-lamp multi-reflectors.

The Step WGN, which has become one of the best sellers in the 1BOX market, sold very well. The low price made it appealing to young people, and it was very popular in a large room that was easy to use.

In order to emphasize cost, we did not clean the welded part, we used a large vertical combination lamp at the rear, we used a resin unpainted molding, and the rear window was all swing type (up and down). Various ideas were devised, such as not opening) and the body panel on the right side of the body instead of the sliding door.

As a result, the weight of the car became lighter and it contributed to good driving and fuel efficiency (on the other hand, the rear suspension is a luxurious specification called double wishbone. This is Honda-like), which is a wonderful by-product, and the history of Step WGN begins. did.

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[2nd generation Step WGN]2001-2005

2nd generation Step WGN Early model

It was fully remodeled in April 2001, leaving a strong impression with the original keep concept, but the platform, suspension, etc. were given special ones.

Late model with minor changes in June 2003. The shape of the headlights has been changed from the gentle design of the previous model to a sharp look.
A special specification car of Spada that was additionally set with a minor change in June 2004. The history of Spada begins here.

[3rd generation Step WGN]2005-2009

3rd generation Step WGN Early model

In May 2005, the design was completely remodeled, and the concept of the first and second generations was significantly changed. The floor is 60mm lower and the center of gravity is 40mm lower than the previous generation. It is also a topic that the rear wheel double wishbone has changed from the 3rd generation to the axle type.

“3rd generation Step WGN” Late model that was minor-changed in November 2007. The front grill and bumper have changed a little.
This is the second generation of the “Step WGN Spada”. It revived from a minor change in November 2007.

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[4th generation Step WGN]2009-2015

4th generation Step WGN Early model

In October 2009, both the “Step WGN” and the “Step WGN Spada” were fully remodeled. The body is slightly larger while keeping the concept of the previous generation. Sales also recorded the number one position in minivan sales for a period of time.

This is the third generation of spadas.

A minor change was made in April 2012, and newly developed CVT, idling stop, etc. were adopted to improve fuel efficiency.

The late model Step WGN that underwent a minor change in April 2012.
The same late model Step WGN Spada.

[5th ​​generation Step WGN]2015-2021

Standard model
Spada early model

Equipped with a newly developed 1.5L direct-injection VTEC turbo engine, it was fully remodeled in April 2015 as a fun minivan with 2.5L class power. Adopted “exciting gate” that the rear gate opens like a door.

In October 2016, the complete car “Modulo X”, which was dressed in special customized parts, debuted. A special suspension is also given.

A minor change was implemented in September 2017, and only the Spada was given a design change such as a front mask. In addition, the 2-motor hybrid system “SPORT HYBRID i-MMD” is installed only in the Spada (renamed to “e: HEV” in January 2020), and the advanced safety technology “Honda Sensing” is adopted in all vehicles. I did.

Spada with minor changes in September 2017

In December 2018, “Step WGN Modulo X has also undergone minor changes and design changes such as the front mask, and a hybrid model similar to the Spada has also been added.

“ Modulo X” with minor changes in December 2018

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Latest “Step WGN” used car information

Today’s inventory

1439 units

Average price 71 71Ten thousand yen
Base price 3 to 3.5 million yen

Step WGNTo the used car list of

For those who are considering subscription

[6th generation / current model]2022 ~

AIR (equivalent to standard model)

The 6th generation new Step WGN was announced on January 7, 2022, and is scheduled to be released in the spring of the same year. Advance reservations will be accepted in February.

Two grades are available for the new model as well as the predecessor, but the normal model, which is not a spada, has been renamed to “AIR”.


The topic is that the design is the opposite of the “Oraora face” that is the trend of minivans in recent years, and that the “Waku Waku Gate” that was a feature of the Step WGN has been abolished.


In addition, in the latest 6th generation, the highest-end model “SPADA PLEMIUM LINE” with further equipment added to the Spada is also available.

Platinum-like chrome-plated decoration on the exterior and suede-like skin and prime smooth combination sheet on the interior give it a luxurious feel and enhance its functions.

Honda’s new Step WGN is finally on sale!The price starts from about 2.99 million yen

What is your favorite Step WGN?

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The Step WGN has a history of more than 25 years since its first release in 1996. In 2022, the 6th generation appeared. From the first generation to the latest 6th generation …

  • First generation (1996-)
  • 2nd generation (2001-)
  • 3rd generation (2005-)
  • 4th generation (2009-)
  • 5th generation (2015-)
  • 6th generation (2022 ~)

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