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The car tax is paid once a year, but the payment slip will be sent in early May. Although it varies slightly depending on the municipality,Payment deadline is May 31stIs common. In other words, it takes less than a month from the receipt of the payment slip to the payment.

If some event overlaps at this time, there is a possibility that you will forget to pay. What happens to my payment method if I forget to pay the car tax and the deadline has passed?

You will not be able to pay at convenience stores or credit cards

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An increasing number of local governments are accepting not only cash payments at financial institution counters and convenience stores, but also cashless payments such as credit cards and electronic money.

You can choose the method that suits you from these payment methods and pay, but if the payment deadline has passed, the payment method will be limited, so be careful.

If you look at the tax notice, you will find the “handling deadline” that you can pay with a convenience store or credit card.thisAfter the deadline, you will not be able to pay by convenience store or credit card, and you will have to pay at the designated financial institution or the tax office of each local government.

In most cases, the usable period of the smartphone payment application is the same as the “handling deadline at the convenience store” stated on the payment slip.After the handling deadline, you will not be able to pay taxes using the app.

What happens to cashless payments for automobile taxes and tax payment notices?Be careful for light users

What if I lose my payment slip?

If you lose your payment slip before the payment expires, you will need to have it reissued.

In the case of automobile tax, the prefecture handles it, and in the case of light vehicle tax, the municipality handles it. You can have the payment slip reissued by contacting each prefectural tax office or municipal office, so if you notice that you have lost it, please reissue it as soon as possible.

There is no immediate penalty, but …

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In reality, even if the payment deadline is slightly overdue, you will not be penalized immediately.But the car taxIf payment is not made within the deadline, strictly speaking, the late payment will be added from the day after the payment deadline.

Since less than 1,000 yen will be rounded down, you will not be obliged to pay the delinquent charge if you are overdue for 2 to 3 days, but if you leave it as it isYou need to pay the arrears when you exceed 1,000 yen.

In addition, as mentioned above, there are fewer payment options, so try to pay within the deadline as much as possible.

May spending “car tax” that hurts car owners … What happens if I don’t pay?

To prevent forgetting to pay the car tax“Account transfer”Is one way to do it. Once you have notified the financial institution, the tax will be automatically transferred and paid on the due date, so you will not have to forget to pay or bring cash to pay.

For those who “may forget to pay” or “it is troublesome to complete the payment procedure every time”, it may be worth considering an account transfer.

however,If your account balance is insufficient, it will be treated as unpaid.If the balance is insufficient, some local governments will re-transfer at the end of the following month, but some local governments will not re-transfer. When the transfer date is near, it is safe to check your account balance.

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The deadline for paying automobile tax is generally May 31st. If you do not pay within the deadline, strictly speaking, the late payment will start from the day after the payment deadline …

  • Have paid arrears
  • Never paid a delinquency charge
  • I have been overdue, but no overdue money was incurred

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