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Everywhere on holidays, there is a lot of traffic and it can take a long time to get to your destination. Especially in the traffic jams on the highway, it takes time to get to the place to rest, and it is hard to go to the bathroom. Adults may be able to tolerate it to some extent, but children do not. A portable toilet is useful in such an “emergency situation”.

A simple toilet for the belt inside the car for emergency

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Various products are sold as portable toilets, but the ones that can be used are limited when considering “use in the car”.

Since the inside of the car is a closed space to some extent, it will be necessary to consider the processing after adding the work. Since the installation space is limited, there are some things that cannot be used or are difficult to use in the car.

There are two types of simple toilets, one that can handle only urine and the other that can handle stool. If it is for urine, it can be used for urine, but in most cases it is only urine, so it is easier and more convenient to carry it for in-car use.

How to choose a portable toilet for your car

There are disposable type and reusable type for urine, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Disposable type items contain water-absorbing gel, etc., which instantly solidifies the water and can be discarded as it is. However, due to its small size, it may be a little difficult for your child to use for themselves.

Think of the reusable type as an arrangement of a “urinal” used in hospitals. It is necessary to be careful because the scent will fill up or spill and stain the inside of the car unless it is a type that can be closed tightly because it will be stored in a liquid state until it is thrown away as it is that it can be used stably. is. Also, since you have to wash the contents after throwing them away, if you think of it as an emergency that you rarely use, you can say that disposable items are recommended.

Most of the stool types are used with a filth bag set, so basically it can be used repeatedly. However, in the case of stool, I think that it will be used on the sheet, so it is not possible to use something that is too tall.

If you have a car with a high ceiling and a wide interior such as a minivan, you may be able to use a tall one, but you need to select it assuming that you will use it in your car. Also, if you do not treat it properly after adding it, the inside of the car will be filled with odors, so be careful.

You may see a car with a plastic bag containing dirt on the rear wiper, but it is dangerous and it makes the surrounding cars uncomfortable, so please do not do it.

6 Recommended Simple Toilet for Cars

[Recommended 1]Emergency mini toilet (Sanko)

Convenient disposable type with sufficient water absorption for one use

It is a small type with a water absorption of about 500cc, and it hardens the water immediately so there is no worry of spilling. Adopting a design designed for use in the car, it can be used for both men and women. After use, you can store it in the attached waste bag and dispose of it as garbage. It can be used not only when there is a traffic jam, but also when climbing a mountain.

[Recommended 2]Mobile mini toilet Puru Puru (Kenyu)

Easy-to-use design with post-processing in mind

The wide and stiff socket reduces sideways leakage, making it an item that can be used by anyone, regardless of age or gender. The coagulant instantly solidifies and does not leak urine, and the coagulated urine can be easily flushed to the toilet simply by adding water. After use, the mouth can be closed with a zipper, and a white bag for storing used items is also included.

[Recommended 3]Crisp !! Mobile Toilet (APOLON JAPAN Co., Ltd.)

A product that can be stored for a long time and has excellent portability.

It is a disposable item that becomes a box when unfolded, and has a design that is easy to hold because there are grooves in the four corners where you can hook your fingers. It is a moderate size that can be held in one hand and can be stored in a side pocket. The included coagulant can firmly solidify 500 ml of water, and a waste bag with a high blindfold and deodorant effect is also included. In addition, since it can be stored for a long period of 15 years, it is safe to stockpile it as disaster prevention goods.

[Recommended 4]Simple toilet (Ferimo)

Designed in pursuit of utility that can be used safely by adults and children

It is a bellows type item for urine with a design that is convenient to carry. When stored, the total length is about 18 cm, and it extends up to 34 cm and boasts a capacity of 750 ml. A lid is provided to reduce spills and odor leaks. The simple structure makes it easy for children to use, and it is safe to carry it with you even in traffic jams.

[Recommended 5]Mobile toilet (Chuanze)

Eco-design that can be easily carried and processed and can be used repeatedly

Made of high quality and durable plastic, it comes with a funnel-shaped adapter for easy use by women. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to clean, so it can be used not only for in-car use but also for outdoor leisure. It has a sufficient capacity of 1,000 ml and has a special design, so you can easily process the contents.

[Recommended 6]Simple toilet compact (Sanko)

Designed for use in the car, it can be used for both large and small

It is a compact size item that can also be used for stool, designed for use by placing it on the seat of a car. With a load capacity of 120 kg, it is made firmly so that you can calmly add to it, and it also comes with a shatterproof sheet so it does not stain the inside of the car. The coagulant, shatterproof sheet, and filth bag can be replaced as a set, so you can always use it in a clean state.

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