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North America Honda releases teaser image of new CR-V

Honda new CR-V

Honda opened the teaser site for the new SUV “ZR-V” scheduled to be released in Japan on May 19, 2022, but on May 24, 2022, the North American Honda has a teaser image for the new CR-V. Has been released.

Part of the front and rear designs of the new CR-V have been clarified.

For a more sophisticated design! New CR-V that has evolved into a tough face

Honda new CR-V
Honda new CR-V

Previously, the appearance of the new CR-V was known from the patent image. In addition, a test car has been witnessed, and an expected CG has been created.

The design of the new CR-V discovered this time almost matches its appearance, and while based on the design of the current model, the design of lights has been brushed up to a sharper one.

While keeping the concept, the overall design has been refined, giving it a CR-V-like silhouette and a new Honda-like feel.

CR-V sales in Japan will end with the current model

Honda CR-V

It seems that Honda announced at an in-house presentation held around December 2021 that it plans to discontinue sales of the three models of Shuttle, Insight, and CR-V in Japan with the current model.

Therefore, the new CR-V whose teaser image was released this time is not expected to be released in Japan. However, on SNS, there are also voices such as “I want you to sell it in Japan” and “I hope you will come back to Japan again”.

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This is on sale in Japan! CR-V New SUV “ZR-V”

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