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Thorough investigation of the latest information on Daihatsu’s new models and model changes that are expected to debut in the future! We will also summarize the new models released within the past year.

[Move Canvas]Full model change with turbo! Scheduled to appear in June

Current Move Canvas

We obtained information from an interview with a dealer that the Daihatsu Move Campus is scheduled for a full model change on June 28, 2022.

The grade and body color were also found. Turbo specifications will be added to the next model, and it will be released with even higher product appeal. I’m also looking forward to a rival confrontation with Suzuki WagonR Smile.

In addition, the next type of design forecast CG is created from the obtained information. I will tell you in this article.

[Wake]Is it discontinued?Pixis Mega to be abolished

Daihatsu Wake G Turbo “VS SAⅢ” Front
Daihatsu Wake G Turbo “VS SAⅢ”

There is a high possibility that Daihatsu’s light wagon “Wake” will be discontinued.

Behind the emergence of the wake discontinuation theory, the Toyota Pixis Mega was decided to be discontinued. This was revealed by interviewing Toyota dealers, and it is said that it is proceeding with the policy of abolishing it by the end of the year. Details are given in this article.

[Copen]Partial improvement in compliance with regulations is planned

It turns out that Copen plans to make some improvements to comply with the Waste Gas Regulations and the Freon Emission Control Law.

[Atrai & Hijet Series]Three models have been remodeled together!

New Atrai
New Hijet Cargo
New Hijet Truck

On December 20, the three models of “Atrai,” “Hijet Cargo,” and “Hijet Truck” were remodeled all at once. Only the Hijet truck will undergo a minor change, and the other two models will undergo a full model change.

In addition to the first adoption of CVT, the topic is that it is Daihatsu’s first DNGA vehicle for FR. In addition, with this improvement, the Atrai Wagon has changed its name to “Atrai” and has been reborn as a 4th number light commercial vehicle.

The most notable point is that the specially equipped car “Deck Van” has been added to Atrai, and the turbo is also set. Atrai deck vans are expected to grow in popularity for leisure use.

[Hijet Cargo]Is it a turbo setting for the “deck van” with a full model change?

Daihatsu Hijet Cargo Deluxe SAⅢ Front
Current Hijet Cargo Deluxe SAⅢ

The Hijet Cargo will be released on December 20th along with the Hijet Truck and Atrai Wagon.

Hijet Cargo Deck Van

Along with that, we got information that the turbo grade will be set for the light pickup “Deck Van” which is currently set as a specially equipped car of Hijet Cargo.

However, there is also new information that the turbo grade will be set with the newly appearing passenger specification “Atrai deck van”. If it appears, expectations will increase for its success in outdoor use such as fishing and camping.

[Move]Is the next model a series hybrid?

New Daihatsu Move Expected CG
New Daihatsu Move Expected CG
Click here for the expected CG article

Daihatsu’s popular tall wagon, Move, was remodeled to the current model in December 2014. The next model will be given a large and powerful grille design, and it is expected that the face will have a more “oraora face”.

It is expected to be released in 2022, incorporating the latest technologies such as the newly developed series hybrid “e-SMART HYBRID”, DNGA platform, and advanced preventive safety technology.

[Rocky]Daihatsu’s first hybrid model is now available

Source: Daihatsu

On November 1, 2021, hybrid models were added to Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky.

This is Daihatsu’s first “strong hybrid,” which uses an “e-SMART hybrid,” which uses an engine to generate electricity and a motor to drive it.

It is equipped with a “smart pedal” function that realizes low fuel consumption of 27km / L in the catalog value and enables one-pedal drive.

[Tanto]Fully equipped with safety equipment with minor changes

Custom RS “Style Selection”

On September 21, 2021, Daihatsu announced the company’s light vehicle “Tanto” and welfare vehicle models “Tanto Welcome Turn Seat (rotary seat car)”, “Tanto Welcome Seat Lift (elevating seat car)”, and “Tanto Sloper (wheelchair movement). It was announced that the car) ”was partially improved and released on the same day.

In this partial improvement, the “X Turbo”, “Custom RS”, and “Custom RS” Style Selection “” are equipped with an electric parking brake, an auto brake hold function, and Daihatsu’s first cornering trace assist as standard equipment.

[Lager]Is the old car name revived?

Expected CG of the new Daihatsu Rugger

It is rumored that the car name of the full-scale off-roader “Lager” that Daihatsu once sold may be revived as the car name of the light off-roader.

Daihatsu has released the expected CG of the light off-roader “Lager”, which is expected to go on sale between the end of 2021 and the first half of 2022. There is no relevant new information as of 2022.

[Next-generation model]Are you developing a 2-cylinder engine?

Source: j-platpat.inpit.go.jp

Daihatsu filed a patent application for inventions related to single-cylinder and two-cylinder engines in September 2020. As an engine that takes advantage of its light weight and compactness, it may be used in Daihatsu’s next-generation vehicles.

[Pure EV]Will an electric commercial vehicle appear?

Source: Japan Patent Office

On July 21, 2021, Toyota, Suzuki, and Daihatsu announced the development of EV commercial vehicles online.

In January 2020, Daihatsu filed a patent application for an invention related to an electric vehicle, and since it has a ladder frame structure, this electric vehicle may be an EV commercial vehicle.

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