Mazda New Flair Crossover Partially Improved Released May 23, 2022 | Latest Car Information

Mazda made some product improvements to the new “Flare Crossover” and released it on May 23, 2022.

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Mazda New Flair Crossover Partial Improvement

All models are equipped with adaptive cruise control (ACC) with all vehicle speed tracking function and lane deviation suppression function as standard equipment. A passing support function has been added to vehicles equipped with an omnidirectional monitor camera to support contact prevention on narrow roads. Added LED headlamps (high / low beam: with auto-leveling[optical axis adjustment]mechanism) to “HYBRID XG”. A front wiper time adjustment function has been added to all models except “HYBRID XG”. USB charger (instrument panel x 2) has been added to all models except “HYBRID XG”. The special specification vehicles “HYBRID XS SPECIAL” and “HYBRID XT SPECIAL” are equipped with Nanoe X in a fully automatic air conditioner.

Partially improved exterior

Added body color “Pure White Pearl 2 Tone Color” to “HYBRID XG” and “HYBRID XT”. Two body colors “Chiffon Ivory Metallic 2 Tone Color” and “Urban Brown Pearl Metallic 2 Tone Color” have been added to the special edition cars “HYBRID XS SPECIAL” and “HYBRID XT SPECIAL”. The front and rear bumper garnish color of the two-tone body color has been changed from the same body color to the same roof color.

Partially improved interior

The interior color garnish of the special specification cars “HYBRID XS SPECIAL” and “HYBRID XT SPECIAL” has been changed to titanium gray. It corresponds to “Collision Damage Mitigation Brake (AEBS2) certified vehicle” by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

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Mazda’s new flair crossover special specification car added March 8, 2021 release
Mazda will add special specification vehicles “HYBRID XS SPECIAL” and “HYBRID XT SPECIAL” to the new “Flare Crossover” and will release them on March 8, 2021.[Newflaircrossoverspecialwork

About the new flair crossover specs

The newly developed “R06D type” engine and the “R06A type” turbo engine installed in the new Jimny etc. are adopted. The transmission also uses a newly developed CVT.

spec New flair crossover
full length 3,395mm
Full width 1,475mm
Overall height 1,680mm
Wheelbase 2,460mm
engine 660cc in-line 3-cylinder
Engine R06D type
+ Motor
660cc in-line 3-cylinder
Turbo engine R06A type
+ Motor
Engine maximum output 36kW (49ps) /
6,500 rpm
47kW (64ps) /
6,000 rpm
Maximum engine torque 58Nm (5.9kgm) /
5,000 rpm
95Nm (9.7kgm) /
3,000 rpm
Motor maximum output 1.9kW (2.6ps) /
1,500 rpm
2.3kW (3.1ps) /
1,000 rpm
Motor maximum torque 40Nm (4.1kgm) /
100 rpm
50Nm (5.1kgm) /
100 rpm
battery Lithium ion
Drive system 2WD (FF) / 4WD
WLCT mode fuel economy 25.0km / L (2WD)
23.4km / L (4WD)
22.6km / L (2WD)
20.8km / L (4WD)
Riding capacity 4 people
price From 1,365,100 yen
1,652,200 yen
From 1,665,400 yen
1,799,600 yen
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Mazda New Flair Crossover Full Model Change Released on February 27, 2020
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