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There are two Subaru sedans that can be bought with new cars

Currently, there are two types of sedans that can be purchased at Subaru, the “Impreza G4” and the “WRX S4.”

In this article, in addition to the two models currently available for purchase, information on the two models of the “Legacy B4” and “WRX STI” that were sold until the 2020s is also posted.

Subaru Impreza G4

The Impreza G4 is a middle sedan that features a low-vibration boxer engine and high-quality driving performance provided by a platform with excellent rigidity and vibration damping. The powertrain is available with 1.6L and 2.0L horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engines.

Minor changes were made in September 2019, including a design change of the exterior, and the parts related to driving support and safety have been enhanced, such as the functional improvement of the cruise control “EyeSight Touring Assist”.

Most recently, some improvements were made in December 2021. Changes have been made such as equipping higher grades with front seat heaters as standard equipment and adding new colors to the body color.

Latest “Impreza G4” used car information

Today’s inventory

346 units

Average price 114 114Ten thousand yen
Base price 22 to 2.48 million yen

Subaru WRX S4

WRX S4 GT-H EX front

A sports sedan that was renamed from “Impreza WRX” that once swept the WRC stage to “WRX”. There are “WRX S4” and high performance model “WRX STI”, but only S4 is sold at the moment.

In 2021, a full model change was achieved to enhance wide and low styling, and a newly developed 2.4L direct-injection turbo “DIT” engine was adopted. This engine was later adopted by the Levorg.

It is the newest model in Subaru’s domestic lineup, and is equipped with the latest equipment such as the new generation EyeSight and full LCD meter.

Latest “WRX S4” used car information

Today’s inventory

246 units

Average price 287Ten thousand yen
Base price 1.5-4,990,000 yen

Models that were sold until recently

This is a model that has been on sale since the beginning of the 2020s, and the sedan that is no longer sold is listed.

Subaru Legacy B4

The Legacy B4 has been positioned as Subaru’s flagship sedan for generations, but domestic sales will end in 2020. However, because it is a global strategic car, it is still on sale overseas.

The final Legacy in Japan has high touring performance due to the combination of a low-vibration boxer engine, all-weather AWD, and EyeSight. The Legacy’s sense of security is ideal for moving couples in their 50s who have finished raising their children.

However, since the main target is North America, the body size is large, and the overall width exceeds even the crown, making it difficult to handle in Japan. No turbo or manual specifications were set, and the face as a sports sedan was lost.

Latest “Legacy B4” used car information

Today’s inventory

669 units

Average price 90Ten thousand yen
Base price 120,000 to 2.79 million yen

Subaru WRX STI

WRX STI EJ20 Final Edition

A substantial successor to the Impreza WRX STI, which was once Subaru’s flagship sport. Sales have ended when the WRX S4 undergoes a full model change.

The WRX SIT sold until recently has only a 6-speed MT transmission, and the engine is an old-fashioned boxer engine “EJ20” that is different from the WRX S4. The sports engine of the Impreza WRX era has been refined to demonstrate specifications that surpass those of the new engine.

Rivals are “Honda Civic Type R” and “Audi S3”. It is a domestic sports car of high cost spa that is comparable to “Porsche 911” in total performance.

Latest “WRX STI” used car information

Today’s inventory

269 ​​units

Average price 460Ten thousand yen
Base price 2.6-9.5 million yen

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