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Until the 1980s, automobiles used gasoline and air as machines called carburetors to feed fuel to the engine. If the inside of the carburetor gets dirty, the engine will get sick, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. The special chemical used at that time is the carburetor cleaner.

Carburetor cleaner that keeps the engine in good condition

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The engine runs by burning what is called an “air-fuel mixture” that is a mixture of fuel such as gasoline and air. Carburettors have long played a role in creating this mixture.

Nowadays, in order to comply with emission regulations, injection has been changed to computer-controlled injection, but many old cars continue to use carburetors as they are, and the condition of the engine is greatly influenced by the condition of the carburetor. increase.

If the engine of a carburetor car is left unattended for a while, soot and gasoline components will stick to the inside and the mixing ratio of gasoline and air will change, or the holes through which gasoline and air will pass will be clogged and the engine will start. It may disappear or you may feel sick.

The dirt inside such a carburetor cannot be easily removed, so a special carburetor cleaner containing ingredients that dissolve the dirt is required.

Types of carburetor cleaners and how to use them

Common carburetor cleaners are spray type chemicals, and there are liquid type and foam type. The liquid type is suitable for use when you want to wash away dirt to some extent with the force of spraying, and the foam type is suitable for use when you want to dissolve stubborn dirt.

There are two ways to use the carburetor cleaner. One is to remove the air cleaner box, spray the cleaner inside the carburetor, start the engine and let it suck. It is possible to clean to some extent by melting the dirt inside and burning it in the process of being sucked.

The other is to remove the carburetor, disassemble it, and clean each part. If the inside of the carburetor is so dirty that the engine will not start, you can use this method.

6 Recommended Carburetor Cleaners

[Recommended 1]Carburetor Cleaner (AZ)

Immediate effect type that removes dirt quickly and easily

A foam type item that can remove carbon, sludge, oil mist, etc. inside without disassembling the carburetor. It is effective for sticky and stubborn stains, and can also be used for cleaning the outside of carburetors and linkages. Since it can be used even when it is turned upside down, it can be used regardless of the mounting position of the carburetor.

[Recommended 2]Cleaner cab (KURE)

A versatile cleaner that can also be used for injection vehicles

It removes dirt such as gum, sludge, and carbon accumulated inside the carburetor, which causes incomplete combustion, and enables normal operation. It can be used to clean linkages and other metal parts as it can remove dirt from metal as well as the carburetor body. In the case of an injection vehicle, the inside of the injection device can be cleaned by injecting it into the gasoline tank.

[Recommended 3]Carburetor Cleaner (AZ)

Smooth operation with strong cleaning power, improving fuel efficiency and response

A liquid type item that can remove various stains inside the carburetor. By spraying directly on the inside of the carburetor and sucking it, it is effective in removing carbon, sludge, oil mist, etc. It is also suitable for removing dirt adhering to metal parts using jetting force and for soaking disassembled parts.

[Recommended 4]Carburetor Cleaner (Wako’s)

Reliably solve problems without disassembling and servicing

A quick-acting item with strong detergency released by Wako’s, which manufactures high-performance chemicals. You can remove dirt such as sludge inside and restore performance without disassembling the carburetor. With the engine started, it can be used by spraying directly onto the carburetor while increasing or decreasing the number of revolutions, and it is even more effective when used in combination with an engine conditioner.

[Recommended 5]Carburetor cleaner (Toyo Kagaku Shokai)

It can be used in various ways and can surely remove dirt.

It is a foam spray type item that removes dirt such as carbon, varnish and gum accumulated in the carburetor and combustion system, and makes the engine operate smoothly. It is a fast-acting type that contains powerful cleaning ingredients and can also be used for soaking and cleaning.

[Recommended 6]Powerful carburetor cleaner (AZ)

A mousse-like cleaning agent that reliably eliminates sticking, etc.

It is a mousse type item that does not easily drip and can strongly remove carbon, sludge, oil mist, etc. inside the carburetor. Smooth operation keeps the fuel mixture ratio proper and improves combustion efficiency. It can also be used for cleaning metal parts, and can be used even when the can is turned upside down.

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