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The socket wrench, which can be used in various sizes in combination with the handle, was invented by Snap-on Tools founder Joseph Johnson. Today, it has become an indispensable tool for automobile maintenance.

Socket wrench that can be used for a wide range of purposes and improves work efficiency

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“Socket” means “plug in” and socket wrench means “plug-in wrench”.

As the name suggests, the tip is a plug-in type, so you can work with screws of various sizes with a single handle. In addition, there are variations in the types of handles, so you can use them properly according to the place of use and work content.

The socket part is also called “top”, and originally it was only for hexagon head screws, but nowadays, various types of screws such as hexes and Torx are on sale.

A typical handle that combines a socket wrench is a ratchet handle, and a set of a socket and a ratchet handle is also called a box wrench.

In addition to the ratchet, there are T-type and L-type handles, spinner handles and driver handles, and there is also a torque wrench that can manage the tightening torque. It is also very convenient because it can be combined with power tools and air tools.

Socket wrench standard and how to choose

Socket wrenches have a size at the part where the handle and socket are combined, called the “insertion angle”. Since it is a tool originally invented in the United States, the insertion angle is inch standard, and it ranges from 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) to 2-1 / 2 inch (63.5 mm).

Socket wrenches are now available from sources other than Snap-on Tools, but because they are made to this standard, sockets and handles are compatible across manufacturers.

There are three types of insertion angles that are generally used: 1/4 inch (6.35 mm), 3/8 inch (9.5 mm), and 1/3 inch (12.7 mm). The larger the insertion angle, the greater the force that can be handled. increase.

Also, there are differences in the size range of tools that can be used, so make sure that you can use the size of the screw you want before purchasing.

Choose handles that suit your work. However, even if the handle is the same, there are things with different lengths such as long type, so when choosing it, make sure that it suits the purpose and place of use.

6 Recommended Socket Wrenches

[Recommended 1]Socket wrench set (Carry)

A full 46-piece set with all the tools you need for maintenance

It is a 1/4 inch insertion angle type item with a ratchet handle, screwdriver handle, extension bar, etc. set.

In addition to 13 sizes of 4 to 14 mm, the socket comes with a hex, Torx, screwdriver, etc. The ratchet handle is a quick release type that allows you to easily attach and detach the socket with the push of a button, and since it uses 45 type gears, fine movement is possible.

[Recommended 2]Socket wrench set (DIMIWORK)

17-piece set in a compact case, ideal for in-vehicle use

A 13-piece socket of 7 to 22 mm, a quick release type ratchet handle, 3 types of extension bars, and a universal joint are set.

Made from the highest quality heat treated chrome vanadium steel, the surface has a premium mirror polish finish. It is housed in a high-class special case and has excellent portability.

[Recommended 3]Socket wrench set (WORK PRO)

Wide range of sockets and various handle combinations create high utility

In addition to the 8-32 mm hexagonal type and 10-19 mm dodecagonal type sockets, a spark plug wrench is also included in this item.

The ratchet handle is a 72-gear type and comes with two types of extension bars, a universal joint, and a triple-use connector, so it can be used for maintenance in various places.

[Recommended 4]Socket wrench set (Tone)

Simple and easy to use, it can be used from daily work to full-scale work

It is a simple set item that combines a socket of 8 to 17 mm, which is frequently used, and a ratchet handle. The ratchet handle is a quick release type that allows easy attachment and detachment of the socket, and is a 72 gear type with a feed angle of 5 degrees.

A holder for aluminum rails and a resin clip with steel balls is also included, so it can be stored compactly.

[Recommended 5]Socket set (INGCO)

Durable items made from high quality materials

A convenient set that combines a 10-piece socket from 10 to 24 mm, a quick release type ratchet handle, and a 125 mm long extension bar.

By using chrome vanadium steel as the material, it has high strength and can be used for maintenance of various parts.

[Recommended 6]Mini socket set (Takagi)

Can be stored without taking up space, which is useful in case of emergency

It is a minimum set item that combines a 12 size socket of 4 to 13 mm and an L-shaped handle. It is a compact type suitable for work in narrow places, with a total length of about 11 cm and a special case that is easy to store and carry.

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