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Hyundai subsidiary established a joint venture and entered Thailand. Contract with CP group

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hyundai Globis, a subsidiary of Hyundai, a Korean automobile manufacturer, has decided to enter Thailand through a joint venture with two Thai logistics and automobile parts manufacturers, Eastern Aerologistics and Summit Autobody Industry. Announced.

The new joint venture will be named “Hyundai Globis (Thailand)”, and the “Charoen Pokphand Group (CP Group)”, which owns Seven-Eleven in Thailand and is developing fields such as food and agriculture as its core business. ) ”Has also been announced.

Deploy 150 EV trucks and deliver products to local Seven-Eleven stores

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Hyundai Globis (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has deployed 150 EV trucks to deliver products from the Charoen Pokphant Group’s distribution center to local Seven-Eleven stores. The company also announced that it is planning to deploy a hydrogen-fueled FCV truck, and is considering using drones and robots at the CP Group’s distribution center.

In addition, Hyundai Globis Thailand also provides services to the “Summit Auto Body Industry”. We ship auto parts to automakers all over Thailand.

Will Hyundai’s EV trucks be introduced in Japan as well?

Hyundai Porter II Electric
Source: hyundai.com

In the Japanese logistics industry, EV trucks made overseas are being introduced one after another, and Japanese manufacturers are one step ahead of overseas manufacturers in the field of EVs for logistics.

Although not introduced in Japan, Hyundai is also developing “Porter II Electric” as an EV for logistics. Hyundai once withdrew from the Japanese market, but announced that it would re-enter the Japanese market in 2022. The BEV “Ioniq 5” and FCV “Nesso” will be released in Japanese specifications.

It is quite possible that Hyundai will introduce not only passenger cars but also EVs for logistics in Japan.

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