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Suzuki Jimny and Casio G-SHOCK

source:Auto Remessa S-MALL store / Twitter

Auto Remessa, which sells Suzuki collection brand products, Suzuki licensed products, hot water drinks, etc., has decided to release “SUZUKI JIMNY x CASIO G-SHOCK” in collaboration with Casio’s popular watch “G-SHOCK” and Suzuki Jimny. Announced on the Twitter account of the Auto Remessa S-MALL store.

G-SHOCK’s classic model is Jimny specification

source:Auto Remessa S-MALL store / Twitter

SUZUKI JIMNY x CASIO G-SHOCK is a wristwatch based on the popular G-SHOCK “DW-5600” called “speed model”, and each part is printed with the image of Suzuki Jimny.

A camouflage pattern is used for the dial and belt, and the Jimny logo is designed on the upper part of the dial, band, and back lid. Furthermore, when the backlight is turned on, the mascot rhino drawn on Jimny’s tire cover etc. emerges.

The tough image of Jimny and G-SHOCK is perfectly fused by the commitment scattered everywhere. I think it’s an irresistible watch for both Jimny fans and G-SHOCK fans.

Limited to 1000 pieces, sold at Auto Remessa S-MALL store

source:Auto Remessa S-MALL store / Twitter

SUZUKI JIMNY x CASIO G-SHOCK will be sold only at the Auto Remessa S-MALL store, and the quantity is limited to 1000 pieces. The release date and shipping date have not been announced yet, and the Auto Remessa S-MALL store has posted on Twitter that “detailed information will be announced at a later date.”

The original design of the package is used for the limited quantity products. The camouflage dressing box with the Jimny logo and the mascot rhino is likely to attract attention as a coveted target for Jimny fans.

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